Top 5 Reasons Janick Gers is Still a Member of Iron Maiden

"Someone needs to serve Adrian Smith drinks when Steve Harris tries to sell him on the idea of adding Virtual XI and X-Factor songs into the set." :D

Still, I agree with the Swede here. Janick is a great songwriter and yes, he has actually been in the band longer than Adrian. I simply think it would've been unfair of Steve to fire him back in '99. Janick was a kick in the arse for the rest of the band when he came in and he contributed significantly to keep the boat floating through the 90s. So, many people don't like his soloing style and his stage antics. Well, it seems like Steve does. And he is the captain.

I believe that if Janick had left in '99, the five remaining would've felt that they had to become the Maiden of the 80s again. With Janick still in the band and Adrian returning, they were instead ready to write a new and different chapter in the Maiden history book. I must admit I really like this chapter :)
I agree!

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Einz. He’s a good rhythm guitar player. He brings a lot of muscle to the Iron Maiden sound.
Zwei. He’s a very strong writer, particularly when paired with Steve. The duo has crafted some of the best epics of the reunion era.
Drei. He’s got an incredible stage presence. He may go off the rails as far as those solos go, but he’s one of the main spectacles in the concerts and new fans are won over by the sparks he gives off.
Vier. He’s an extremely friendly sort of person, from what I can tell, and that makes him very easy to work with. This helps keep the vibe of the band as professionals who like being with each other, and writing and performing music together, alive and well.
Fünf. Steve likes him, for all of the reasons outlined above and more. He adds in a certain something to Iron Maiden that was missing before he entered and is a permanent part of the finest lineup the band has ever sported. Hats off!