The Ultimate Album #17 Fantasy Contest Thread

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Title: Belshazzar's Feast (At Rock 'N' Roll Ribs BBQ)
Release date: October 6, 2021

01I Like To FlyDickinson/Smith03:33
02Brexit Means BrexitDickinson/Smith09:59
03Beer Beer (Korpiklaani cover)Jonne Järvelä03:00
04Trooper, Part II - The AleDickinson/Harris/Smallwood05:00
05The RibsMcBrain/Murray/Harris07:06
07Salmon (Fish Trilogy, Part I)Gers, Smith10:11
08Tuna (Fish Trilogy, Part II)Gers, Smith11:22
09Trout (Fish Trilogy, Part III)Gers, Smith13:56
10Writing On The WallDickinson/Smith06:14

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