The Time Machine

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I will gently again remind people - there is no such thing as "self-plagiarism". One cannot steal what one owns, and music shouldn't exist in a monolith where what came before cannot be referenced and re-used.
So “autocannibalism” then? I agree with you that a previous piece taken from one’s discography should be judged in the context it’s used — “Empire of the Clouds” is fantastic but has noticeable bits from previous Maiden songs — but there’s also no problem with pointing it out and evaluating if it was worth resurrecting or not.


I’m enjoying this the more I listen to it. It’s a great track with many interesting twists and turns. Good job Janick


Ancient Mariner
The Time Machine - 10/10 - I don't care how many bits from other Janick songs are in rolled into this one. This is by far the most fun track on the album. It really reminds of a combo between The Talisman and Dance of Death and doesn't feel at all like a 7+ minute song. I kind of wish there was another one of these lighthearted romps here to break up the darkness. Love, love, love everything about this song except for the reprisal of the intro again at the end which seems really unnecessary. Odds of Janick dancing during this song are at a solid 100%.


Ancient Mariner
Really like how the tempo is increased starting at 4:52. Then at 5:23, there is an additional guitar added for the lead guitar melody (mixed in the centre). If you listen with headphones this is easier to keep track of. The tempo is still notably higher here as well.

These small details make it sound better for sure.
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