THE OPETH REFERENDUM MMXXI: Results -> Blackwater Park wins again!

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Night Prowler

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Eliminated after Round 18:
The Twilight Is My Robe - 6 votes
Advent - 5 votes
Nectar - 5 votes
The Apostle In Triumph - 5 votes

Promoted after Round 18:
The Moor
Godhead's Lament
Moonlapse Vertigo
Face Of Melinda
Serenity Painted Death
White Cluster
The Night & The Silent Water
Black Rose Immortal
To Bid You Farewell
In Mist She Was Standing
Under The Weeping Moon
Forest Of October

I divided the 42 promoted songs into 3 groups based on their average vote performance so far. We start with the 22 with lowest score, once that group is down to 10, I'll introduce the next 10, once we're back down to 10, I'll introduce the best 10 songs.

Detective Beauregard

Independent as a hog on ice

I don't know why, I just can't get into Baying. I like the song quite a lot and rate it 8/10 (and Ghost Reveries is in my top 3 albums), but it just never hits the same level of greatness as so many other Opeth songs.
I like it even less than you do. I’d say it’s a solid 7/10, possibly a 7.5 since I like the intro and groovy dunt-dunt-dundunDEEdunt-dunt-(dun) part in the middle. But the song simply drags on for too long with few too interesting parts to keep it fresh. If I’m on a Ghost Reveries kick, I’m Ghost of Perditioning and Harlequin Foresting all night long.


Servant of the Secret Fire
Lads, stop talking this silly nonsense. That subdued section from 3:20 onwards might just be my favourite "soft" Opeth part ever - it's just so haunting and mysterious, the riff is so hypnotising.

And the Purplish hammond beginning is fun! Don't you dare to deny it.


Stranger to the Light
Baying has very smooth transitions between the clean and heavy parts, and I freaking love the drumming on it too. And very hypnotic like Judas said.

Detective Beauregard

Independent as a hog on ice

I don’t understand the dislike for Black Rose Immortal. It’s the strongest song from their first three albums combined and has so many cool sections.


Servant of the Secret Fire
Faith in Others, Demon, Black Rose, To Bid You.

Also, I'm really sorry I fucked up and left this game for such a long time. My life has been rather chaotic in the past year and although nothing really bad happened to us, it was really, really hard just to function. Had next to no time for the forum, for listening, for everything.

I still intend to post the write-ups I promised.

Sorry, guys.