The Man Who Would Be King

How good is The Man Who Would Be King on a scale of 1-10?

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Blacker than the night
Are there other theories about who he is?
It could be a tribute to RJD, who died three month before the release of The Final Frontier. There's a song with the same title in Master of the Moon, Dio's last studio album, and if someone has to be called King in the history of their genre he is surely Ronnie. Anyway three months before the release TFF should have already been completed in great detail, so it's more likely that they just changed the title and that the lyrics have nothing to do with him. (that would explain why the worst song of the album should be tributed to the best singer ever)
What makes me sceptical is that if that was true then it would have been said by the band to the point of exhaustion.


Out of the Silent Planet
Amazing beautiful intro starts this song (one of the best intros by Maiden). And with the golden voice of Bruce, it's sounds epic. The melody after the intro with the powerful drums is also awesome. Good lyrics. Fantastic riff (classic Maiden). Good verses and pre-chorus.... the chorus not bad too. The solo from Dave is unique, but I do not find it that great (I also don't like the improvisations in the solos of IOA and Starblind). The melody after it is fun though. Great end to the song. But I have to admit that it is the worst song on the album. 7/10

For this song Dave combined two other songs into one. I find as a mistake that they ended the album with three epics! This song should had been a short rocker (example: Deja-Vu).... they also ended TBOS album with three slow songs, which again was not so good decision IMO.

- imagine if they play this song on LOTB tour.... actually, this song (along with FTGGOG, TETMD and Revelations) is part of the main music feature/theme in the game. Do they dare?
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Educated Fool
I think the piece talks about how a person should be. I speak in my opinion and from my point of view that you should not hide for the responsibilities that belong to him. It's a really great piece lyrically. Transcendental I would say!