The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

How good is The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner on a scale of 1-10?

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Well the topic is somewhat awkward for the Maiden song, but it's nicely implemented. The harmonies and the drumming are special, + the way that Bruce sings the "i've got to keep running..." part really captures the spirit of the track. Solos aren't among the best of the record.

Yet i've got to give it a 9. 8.75 to be exact. It's not on par with most of SiT material, but that material is pure fucking excellence, so...


Ancient Mariner
This is my fave on the album. A showcase of melodies, hooks, solos and a wonderfully soulful chorus, with Bruce singing godly!!! Don't have much more to say, it's my life soundtrack!!! :edmetal:

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Black_Thunder said:
Probably the most underrated song in the whole catalogue! This song packs with awesome: riffs, solo, vocals, EVERYTHING!!! I fail to see why so many people hate it...
I totally agree. But I'll give it 10/10.


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This is a good song. Every time I actually think about it I realize I don't listen to this one enough. I love guitar harmonies and they are everywhere on this song. 10/10


Ancient Mariner
Ten. I seem to really like SIT. I have given first three song a ten, and Heaven Can Wait is the only song I don't like from the album. SIT is not my favorite album though, but goes close. Anyway, the song is awesome. Intro, verses, chorus... I love everything here!


10/10, I never get tired of this song, it's easily in my top 10 of maiden tracks, beautiful guitar work, excellent vocal performance also.


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7. There is elements in this that I like but it does drag a bit.


This song is my favorite from SIT! Its really an amazing piece,the thing is that is very underrated.Oh by the way,that closing harmonized riff on the last 55 seconds of the song is just orgasmic!


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The guitar is fabulous, especially the intro. Too bad the subject matter is boring and strange, the lyrics are terrible, and the vocals are simply crammed into the verses so quickly that they lose all melody.


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10/10 this album has the most 10/10 songs from me. I will never stop saying this the fact this album and killers are the 2 ignored albums when it comes to their setlist hurts me to the core. I love number of the beast and seventh son album but Somewhere in time and killers are ignored only wratchild, heaven can wait& wasted years have a rotation on their setlist a travesty!


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The ending is too much. They should have cut it in half, or had some variation in the second go-round of that big harmony guitar chunk. It's just too big to repeat unaltered.


It starts good, but the translation to the verse is awful to me. And Bruce doesn't sound good here at all according to me, he's to strained, just like the first track on the album. The melodies are nice and solos are good, but they are to smooth for my taste, a have a hard time finding the real feeling in them. It's still a okay track, but the worst until this point.



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I really dig that a brand new theme appears right at the ending, out of nowhere :D

7/10 for me also