Things are getting a lot tougher now that we've gone from 64 songs to 16. That said, my votes weren't terribly hard to decide. Radio Tapok - Psycrence - Iced Earth - Jørn.
Hardest round yet for some of these!

Radio Tapok gets my first vote for translating and adding additional harmonies in the "whoa oh" section. Machine Head do a pretty straight cover of Hallowed, and it's fine, but I'm over it.

Whoa boy. Here it is: I'm voting against myself. Honestly, I love the cover we did and I had so much fun doing it, but Psyrence actually makes CSIT a better song. The changes they add to the song make it sound fresh, modern, and I prefer them to the original. That's the mark of a great cover.

Both bands in the third match do super faithful covers, but Iced (Fuck Tha Police) Earth do a good job of distilling their sound into a pretty average instrumental.

In the last match, I'm also voting against my own nomination. Tyr does a wonderful job with WED, but I really like hearing Jorn sing TFF. He adds bluesy embellishments (in typical Dio fashion) that I think enhance the vocal melody by a lot.
I find the bouncy, rolling R exuberance of Radio Tapok’s cover more appealing than the mostly dour and sometimes shouty approach that Machine Head took with “Hallowed”. Sorry, @Kalata, but I’m going with @Diesel 11 ’s choice here. Winner: Radio Tapok

This Psycrence cover rocks hard, and it’s so well done that I may even prefer it to the original. While I enjoyed the MaidenFans cover, I gotta keep it real and go with @MindRuler ’s nominee on this one. Winner: Psycrence

A great cover of a great song beats a strong cover of a mediocre song. Sorry, @Night Prowler, but Milfster’s pick wins this time. Winner: Solitude Aeturnus

This Tyr cover has more power and appeal to me than Jørn’s pretty good cover of a so-so song. Sorry, @Kalata, but MrPrickerblighter’s nominee gets my vote. Winner: Tyr
Machine Head, Psycrence (sorry, Mosh, Knickerbocker et al, not sure what Al's forum handle is), IE, Jørn.
Damn, three of these match-ups are tight. Hoping someone will come along to boost "Transylvania" into the next stage.
Well there are also two ties currently, and it’d be bomb if that was sorted out first.

Machine Head - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Psycrence - "Caught Somewhere in Time"
Iced Earth - "Transylvania"
Jørn Lande - "The Final Frontier"

Radio Tapok - "The Trooper"
The MaidenFans Band - "Alexander the Great"
Solitude Aeturnus - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Tyr - "Where Eagles Dare"

Necrophobic - Moonchild
Nominated by @Night Prowler .


Testament - Powerslave
Nominated by @MrKnickerbocker , @Whooten , and Loudwire.


Anthrax - Remember Tomorrow
Nominated by @The_7th_one .


Grave Digger - Running Free
Nominated by @Kalata .