The forum should have a 5 post limit before being allowed to make threads.

I'm hesitant to post numbers, tbh, firstly because it gives instructions to spammers in general, and secondly because new starters will be tempted to make posts with no substance at all just to get their count up so they can start a thread.
Will they?
Yes, I've seen a couple of new starters posting token comments which don't say much at all across quite a number of threads in very quick succession, too quick to have read and genuinely participated in the discussion. As far as I know there's a time restriction on the ability to start new threads too. It's almost completely wiped out the problem we had with bots posting dozens if not hundreds of spam threads. It also makes it more difficult for a new starter to join and start threads at once without being away of any of the rules.
Your earlier posts might not exist any more. It's showing that you haven't made any posts and joined in 2014. Once you've posted in a few threads it should allow you to start a thread. Everything was tightened up to deal with a worsening spambot problem, I'm afraid.
The accounts on the forum are 100% complete all the way back to the very start in 2002, so if you had a different account before in 2006 you should still be able to use it. Let me know if you need any help with it.
...So how many posts to create a thread? I'm on 10 posts and have been registered for a little over a week (I think). I have not come in and made silly posts nor have I spammed any threads. :(
Earliest member sign up here is Mar 12, 2002 and earliest news post is Mar 14, 2002. There may have been other versions of the sites before that but that’s where I came from with the 2002 comment!
I've just joined the site as I was hoping to be able to start a thread sharing some Iron Maiden artwork I've created, but looks like I'll need to stick around a while first before I can post. Thanks for the info!
Can you please do the chatting elsewhere? Every post in the Forum Help has to be hand-approved by the moderators.