THE CRUSADE OF EPICS: Results -> A Change Of Seasons wins!


Results of Round 94:
Rush - La Villa Strangiato
Rush - Xanadu
Dream Theater - In The Name Of God
Opeth - Blackwater Park

Dream Theater - In The Name Of God (Nominated by @KidInTheDark666)
Symphony X - The Odyssey (Nominated by @Diesel 11, @MrKnickerbocker, @LooseCannon)
Even if I don't think The Odyssey is the best song ever, it's still 1000000x better than In The Name Of God. Easiest vote in the game, possibly.
The last 4 minutes of The Odyssey are good, but the first 20 not so much. I would've preferred to see Divine Wings here instead. Not that it would change anything.

In the Name of God is the only song I've ever referred to in an academic essay, so it wins by default. :cool:
The Odyssey is light years ahead of this DT song. Everything on it feels purposeful, even when it’s shredding. The solos section of ITNOG could literally be cut out and placed in the middle of 50 other DT songs.
I'm a bit surprised that ITNOG made it this far, so I won't be mad if it loses here. A Change of Seasons will probably win the final anyway, and I like it these days more than ITNOG and my other DT pick The Glass Prison.
I think in our hearts we all kind of knew it would come down to these two in the finals.

I need to relisten to these in full before voting, so I’ll need a spare hour to get around to it!
Yeah, this is honestly a good final round. Both these songs are epics in every sense of the word, stretched out yet not at all overstaying their welcomes.

But The Odyssey.

I mean I’d vote pretty much anything with Russell Allen on it over pretty much anything with James LaBrie on it. But like, it’s such a fucking amazing song. Perfect from beginning to end. Somehow every single second of that song is perfectly placed.
This is a rough final. Relistening to both tracks, it's pretty clear that these are both true exemplars of the ideal metal epic -- long, winding musical journeys with light and shade, memorable but aesthetically distinct segments that flow naturally into each other, and not a dull moment to be found. I think these two songs were the best of all the nominees, and either track would be a worthy winner.

"A Change Of Seasons" really puts the best of Dream Theater on display. LaBrie stays on the rails and doesn't try to wail so much that his enunciation falls apart, and he gets to spend a fair amount of time in his warm ballad voice where he typically sounds the best. The musical parts are challenging without ever becoming masturbatory, and most sections are pretty memorable.

"The Odyssey" is a similar showpiece for Symphony X, with Allen mostly avoiding the over-the-top scenery chewing he can sometimes fall prey to, and the musical parts serving the song and staying interesting without going overboard. It does suffer a bit from the band's typical low-rent synth sounds in the early going, but the vocal melodies in particular seem to land harder and leave more of an impression than on the Dream Theater track. And in the end, that advantage and the even grander scale of the Symphony X track give it a slight edge.

So, sorry The Dillicent, your nominee was worthy, but MrDickerbooleven's choice takes this one. Winner: Symphony X - "The Odyssey"
Odyssey is mostly brilliant but has two major flaws: Long cheesy intro and sterilized production. On the other hand the only flaw Seasons seem to have si the over the top virtuosity.

A relatively easy Seasons win.