The Chemical Wedding Awards

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
That weird “renaissance” part on Killing Floor is the only thing that drags it down. Sounds like it came out of The Astonishing.
After the chorus (the "Satan!" shouts are epic), it's my favorite part of the song.


Ancient Mariner
Best song: "Chemical Wedding" is my favourite song, followed closely by "Jerusalem" and "The Alchemist!
Worst song: "Killing Floor", but still pretty good.
Surprisingly good song: "Jerusalem"
Most disappointing song: Nothing is disappointing on this album.
Best moment: Tie between the ending to "The Alchemist", the "Chemical Wedding" chorus, and the bit of "Jerusalem" from "Let it rain" to "See the gleaming spires of the citadel /The king and queen will dwell / In our hearts"
Song that makes you the most nostalgic: "Chemical Wedding". It takes me back to September 1998 when I bought the album, the perfect chemical wedding between modern and classic metal.

Best lyrics: "Chemical Wedding"
Best line: "And so we lay / We lay in the same grave / Our chemical wedding day."
Best first line: "How happy is the human soul / Not enslaved by dull control / Left to dream and roam and play / Shed the guilt of former days"
Best verse: Impossible to choose a best verse among so many great ones.

Best title: "King in Crimson"

Best intro: "Jerusalem"
Best outro: "The Alchemist"

Bruce's best performance: "Chemical Wedding"

Best chorus: "Chemical Wedding"
Best pre-chorus: "And all the lighthouses / Their beams converge to guide me home"

Most catchy song: "The Tower"
Best melody: "Jerusalem"
Best bridge: "And all the lighthouses / Their beams converge to guide me home"
Best instrumental: "Book of Thel" or "Jerusalem"

Best guitar solo: "Jerusalem"

Best main riff: "Book of Thel"

Man of the match: Bruce.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Nah, "Trumpets Of Jericho" is the worst.


Ancient Mariner
As far as I'm concerned we're Talking about one of the best metal albums EVER! Easily on par with the best of the best of Maiden's golden age (the 80's).
This is a slight display of how much I love this masterpiece.

There are no "worsts" here.

King In Crimson... Trumpets... Machine Men... Jerusalem... Book of Thel... hey man name one! love 'em all!


Ancient Mariner
Best song: King In Crimson/ Trumpets Of Jericho
Worst song: Killing Floor (least good)
Surprisingly good song: Machine Men
Most disappointing song: ???
Best moment: Trumpets Of Jericho's chorus
Song that makes you the most nostalgic: Chemical Wedding

Best lyrics: Trumpets Of Jericho/ Chemical Wedding
Best line: "What heavy burden holds me back every step along the track?"
Best first line:
In the darkness, the raven's head
In the courtyard clothed in fear
I see gates that are opening
There's only one way out of here

Best verse:
"All my dreams that were outside
In living colour, now alive
And all the lighthouses
Their beams converge to guide me home"

Best title: King In Crimson

Best intro: King in Crimson
Best outro: Book Of Thel

Bruce's best performance: Gates Of Urizen/ Jerusalem/ Chemical Wedding/ Trumpets Of Jericho

Best chorus: Trumpets Of Jericho
Best pre-chorus: Book Of Thel

Most catchy song: Chemical Wedding
Best melody: Jerusalem
Best bridge: Trumpets Of Jericho
Best instrumental: Book of Thel

Best guitar solo: King In Crimson

Best main riff: King In Crimson

Man of the match: ????
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Uniformly distributed hostility
Best song: "Book Of Thel"
Worst song: "Machine Men"
Surprisingly good song: "Trumpets of Jericho"
Most disappointing song: "Gates of Urizen".
Best moment: Second chorus of "Book of Thel"
Song that makes you the most nostalgic: the very sound of every second of this album makes me feel nostalgic

Best lyrics: "Book of Thel"
Best line: "Serpent on the altar now has wrapped itself around your spine. So you look into its mouth, and you kiss the pearly fangs divine"
Best first line: "Wash away the blackness with the silver rain"
Best verse: "Witness all the killing, see the birth of Mars. Our religion thrown into the fire."

Best title: "Return of the King"

Best intro: "Book of Thel"
Best outro: "King in Crimson"

Bruce's best performance: "Book of Thel"

Best chorus: "Book of Thel"
Best pre-chorus: "Stand inside the temple As the book of Thel is opening..."

Most catchy song: "Book of Thel"
Best melody: "Book of Thel"
Best bridge: "Book of Thel"
Best instrumental: "Book of Thel"

Best guitar solo: "The tower"

Best main riff: "Book of Thel"

Man of the match: Roy Z


Out of the Silent Planet
Best song: The Tower (2nd place is for Return Of The King)
Worst song: Killing Floor
Surprisingly good song: The Alchemist
Most disappointing song: Killing Floor
Best moment: the intro of The Tower
Song that makes you the most nostalgic: The Tower

Best lyrics:
Best line: ''Bring me my bow of burning gold, Bring me my arrows of desire, I shall not sleep till the clouds unfold, Bring me my chariot of fire''
Best first line: ''And did those feet in ancient times''
Best verses: The Tower

Best title:
Trumpets Of Jericho

Best intro:
The Tower
Best outro: The Alchemist/Jerusalem

Bruce's best performance:

Best chorus:
Jerusalem (The Tower/Book Of Thel)
Best pre-chorus: Book Of Thel

Most catchy song:
The Tower
Best melody: The Tower
Best bridge: Machine Men
Best instrumental: Jerusalem

Best guitar solo:
Adrian's solo in Gates Of Urizen (his solo in TOJ is also unique)

Best main riff:
Book Of Thel


Ancient Mariner
Best song: Book of Thel
Worst song: Machine Men
Surprisingly good song: The Tower
Best moment: Harmony section in The Tower
Best line: "and all the lighthouses..." mainly due to delivery
Best intro: Book of Thel
Best outro: The Alchemist
Bruce's best performance: Chemical Wedding
Best chorus: Chemical Wedding
Best pre-chorus: Book of Thel
Best melody: Harmony section of the Tower
Best guitar solo: Jerusalem
Best main riff: Book of Thel
Man of the match: William Blake

I left out a few where I thought it wasn't appropriate for the album, e.g. nothing really qualifies as catchy, and a few more where I can't be arsed thinking about the answers, e.g. best first line