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The Book of Souls Awards

Discussion in 'Best of / Worst of Polls forum' started by Aces_High, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Littestu66

    Littestu66 Invader

    Best song: If Eternity Should fail
    Worst song: Death or Glory
    Surprisingly good song: The Great Unknown
    Most disappointing song: Shadows of the Valley
    Best moment: Eternity Intro

    Best lyrics: Empire
    Best line: "We're down lads came the cry"
    Best verse: "When the world was virgin, before the coming of men, just a solar witness , the beginning of the end"

    Best title: Empire

    Best intro: Eternity
    Best outro: Great Unknown

    Bruce's best performance: Empire

    Best chorus: Red and Black
    Best pre-chorus: Great Unknown

    Most catchy song: Speed of Light
    Best melody: Book of Souls

    Best bridge: Book of Souls

    Best instrumental: Red and Black

    Best guitar solo: Red and Black

    Best main riff: Speed of Light

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