The Angel and the Gambler

How good is The Angel and the Gambler on a scale of 1-10?

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Let's Get Volatile
With all the shit people give this track, both in and outside of this forum, I thought I was in for something truly awful.

I do and don't understand the hatred here, sure it's very repetitive and it's not up to Steve's usual standard of songwriting, but I don't think the repetition brings the song down, I really don't, and the rest is actually quite enjoyable. The only time I think it's unnecessary is during the clean section around the 4 minute mark. I quite like the repeats in the outro, Janick and Dave play some cool guitar fills to keep things interesting.

I don't know who first suggested it, but there was an idea floating around that if the band were ever to play this again that they should each take a turn singing the refrain. Whenever I hear this song now I think of that and have a little chuckle to myself. Maybe they could bring on a series of weird and wonderful guest vocalists (anyone got Dennis Wilcock's number...?).

Overall, a surprising 7/10.
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Since as long as I can remember, this song has been hovering around somewhere in my Top 90, but it's started to fall for me a bit. Not that I think any of its bad, I just feel the performances are a little weak. The repetition is still perfectly fine though, and I like it overall. Just not quite as good as I once thought. 7


TAATG has always sounded like a The Who pastische to me. Problem is, most The Who songs aren’t 10 minutes long, and there is a reason.

This one should have been Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Chorus. That’s it. And it shouldn’t have been a single.


Ancient Marinade
Some thoughts about this song popped into my head, so I'm putting them here. I like this song; I always have. I don't care for the weird casio keyboard effect in the beginning, and it absolutely does not need to be 78 minutes long or whatever. But I really like the bridge and the chorus of this song and the solos are pretty good. This is one of the few songs I think Bruce could not do better than Blaze on.

Speaking of Blaze, I do have one issue with his voice in this track. It's the verses...he doesn't sound like he's singing. It sounds like he's shouting over the fence at his neighbor.

"Hey Bob!"
"Hey Blaze, what's going on?"
"Best make decisions, before it's too late!"
"Stop saying weird shit at me and tell your cat this isn't his yard!"
"Take all your chances..."
"Just stop, please"

I hope I'm not the only one that hears how weirdly he shouts these verses.


Out of the Silent Planet
I like that song (they should had cut it to 4/5 minutes though). Atmospheric song with nice riff and keyboards. The verses and the chorus are good. The middle calm part is well thought, but with that endless repetition of the chorus...../ Both solos are good (especially Dave's one). 7/10

The version from the official video would have been good (+ both solos and another verse after them).

The Garlon

This song has grown on me a bit through the years. I changed my vote from 3 to 5. Gotta love the very 1998 video as well.

Murder of Rue Morgue

Educated Fool
This is the only Iron Maiden song, and one of the very few overall, that I rate 1/10. This song is the purest nothingness. Even just after having listened to it, I can't remember a single note apart of the terrible Hammond in the beginning and the ball-breaking "dontcha think I can save you". I still can't understand why Steve wrote it.