The all-new chat thread

Anyone interested in a chat today? DIO DIO DIO

Also, what time?

Also also, what platform do we use to chat now? I think it's been years since I've made one.
As long as you won’t force me to listen to whatever is playing, I might drop by.

Although there’s a new season in Diablo 3 and I had two rougher weeks in a row, so I’ll see... :D
So an evening full of Glen Campbell, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Peter Frampton, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Allmen, the Stones, Steely Dan...?

Seems I’m gonna have to put my seasonal Crusader on hold. Have no choice. You guys are the best! <3
I bought wine, beer and cider and I'm already drinking, so that the Champions League won't hurt too much.
Alright poseurs, we're opening the gates. Join us or suck.