Tears Of A Clown

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I'll shoot the gunner first!
First listen: Wow. I adore it! Love the odd-metered riff (is it 7/8?) in the intro and before the solos, love the three guitars playing different stuff for almost the whole song, love the vocal melody and the lyrics and the chorus. Bravo, Steve and Adrian!


I'll shoot the gunner first!
You can be picky after real release. Now it's all compressed or whatever you call this in english. But I'm very suprised with lyrics. They are very good (subject is so hard it's easy to be cheesy) and music - very bold move to NOT make this a ballad.
What Eriko was talking about was the production, that won't change one bit between the leak and the official release. The only thing that will slightly be different is the overall sound, but the difference won't be that drastic; it might even be inaudible to most people.


Sound of distant drums
Dunno about that. I heard first leak of SOL and there was big difference between that and official version. At least for me.


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Really loving it! the detail in the solos and guitars is pretty good.


Not even Wensleydale?
Apart from "Empire Of The Clouds", this was the song I was most anticipating, after learning it was about the late Robin Williams, who I am a huge fan of. And whilst this is the shortest song on the album, I feel it has a great sense of depth to it, which can't really be fully absorbed after just one, or even a couple of listens. The intital riff, and the verses remind me a bit of the Priest classic "Blood Red Skies", whilst the 2nd riff, which is played in an odd-metre instantly brought Rush to my mind. The lyrics are surprisingly very literal and to the point, and it is impossible not to think of the great Robin Williams whilst listening to them. The pre chorus is wonderful, whilst the chorus itself is very affecting, helped no end by a impassioned vocal performance from Bruce, and I love the embellishments he adds to the chorus during the song's outro.

Musically, I'm quite surprised at how it sounds, as lyrically, it seems very befitting for a ballad, in saying that though, it is a very affecting song, which manages to have great depth despite it's short length. Very good song.


Insect of Terror
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This wouldn't be out of place on Accident of Birth. The rhythm changes and unusual meter are bold and fresh. I really like the solos as well. As with the preceding song, the lyrics sound like they could be super compelling. I think I'm gonna really enjoy singing along to this one.


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Playing this again, and it just gets better every time.

Like I said in chat a couple days ago: on an album full of epics, the best song might be the shortest one*. Who woulda thunk it?

* Excepting Empire from the comparison, because that one stands apart from the entire discog.


Stranger in a Strange Board
Did Adrian write Part of the Lyrics or are these all from Steve?

These are some of the most thoughtful he ever wrote apart from the X-Factor stuff


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So far this and Empire of the Clouds have made the most lasting impression. Got up and listened to it first thing in the morning.

Adrian's Revenge

Climbing like a monkey out of hell
Lyrics as far as I can make them out.

All alone in a crowded room
Tries to force a smile
A smile that beamed or so it seemed
But never reached the eyes' disguise
Masquerading as the funny man who they despise

(First half of pre chorus is indecipherable)
All looks well on the outside
Underneath the solemn truth
That something that inside has died

Tomorrow comes, tomorrow goes
But the cloud remains the same
Wonder why he's feeling down
Tears of a clown
Maybe it's all just for the best
Lay his weary head to rest
Was forever feeling drowned
Tears of a clown

Who motivates the motivator
Facade- it has to go
He knows it, sooner or later
Smile for cameras, all okay
But tomorrow is another day
He must get through

He had a longer way to run
Or so the story goes
Life full of fun, where did it go
We saw the sadness in his eyes
It came as no surprise
And now, of course, we'll never know

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Adrian's Revenge

Climbing like a monkey out of hell
I thought it was, "But the cloud remains the same."
That would make more sense. I wondered why they'd say clown twice.

As someone who writes lyrics, I can say that these are pretty good and thoughtful. This would be the perfect song for a second single. Not that Maiden cares, but this is the kinda song that could go number one in a lot of countries; maybe even the US. It's a simple, catchy tune with a great chorus.
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