Automaton Sovietico

I'd like to present this band which isn't active any more. They were a Swiss metal band, progressive, industrial, groovy, melodic, with death metal being present via drum patterns and vocals. They labeled themselves as Death Wave, a cross between death metal and new wave. New wave is present only in vocal melodies and couple of short synth breakdowns per album. Chief influence for this were Depeche Mode. And it gives a great touch to everything.

They had 4 albums between 2004 and 2012. They never made it big, althrough their music is slowly getting known. Only exposure they had, is when some french girl on high profile talent show sang one of their songs.

In 4 albums, one that stands out from the bunch is Antares, a second effort, with it's totally dry production and such icy melancholic atmosphere that I haven't heard from a new band in a while. Other three have a similar production and sound, of which my favourite is the last one, God Is An Automaton.

In general, bass guitar is not so prominent, and I can only think of one guitar solo from the top of my head, but that one is excellent and a special fit. The guitarist is outstanding.

Without posting full songs and albums, here are just three moments to see if you're into it;

Challenger (riffage and final chorus) - this is the chief style of Sybreed evolved through the years
Destruction and Bliss (ending of album closer with already mentioned guitar solo) - outstanding atmosphere
Ego Bypass Generator - cold stuff from Antares

Also check out the lyrics, they're, in my opinion, outstanding.