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There should be a Bruce Dickinson/Steve Harris/Primal Rock Rebellion tour :D With Steve and PRR playing their albums in their entirety, and with Bruce playing best-off setlist as the headliner. That'd be beyond awesome.


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Dickinson headlining and Harris opening ??? What the hell ? This would be a real shame. The boss should top the bill, and his singer open for him.

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Dickinson headlining and Harris opening ??? What the hell ? This would be a real shame. The boss should top the bill, and his singer open for him.

Bruce Dickinson's solo career which has been going on for over two decades is much much bigger than Steve Harris' new project. It has nothing to do with Maiden.


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You're right, and I was obviously joking, although I would actually dislike seing Steve opening for Dickinson (and I'm quite sure Steve would never do such a thing).


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So apparently, Steve did not write the songs on his own. I didn't expect that, I thought it was going to be an all-Harris thing.


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Omg Bruce solo album \m/

Hold on, he didn't say that. He just mused about the possibility.

But that is quite an interesting interview, even if it is a tad short. I wouldn't be surprised if Steve decided his tour to be England-only... although that wouldn't keep me from trying to make it!


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After reading this interview I came to a conclusion that calling this "Steve's solo album" is obviously a massive overstatement. Marketing, I guess. It's just "British Lion band". At the end of the interview, Steve himself said "another British Lion record" so you get the idea what's his point of view. That's a bit disappointing to me, because I would love to hear an all-Steve album, even if it was something different than usual metal. I'm still curious what is it going to be, but sceptical also. The "70's inspired commercial hard rock" description sounds like not really my kind of thing. We'll see.

And indeed. The rumour about Bruce is interesting. But just a rumour, still.
Mmmmm seems they will play at clubs... If there are miracles in this world, they will pass through my local club in Mexico lol but seems highly improbable

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With this, Primal Rock Rebellion and a possible Bruce album, that will help quite a bit to ease the wait for Maiden's next album.


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The last statement seemed interesting to me. Sounds like Maiden's longevity depends more on other members. (Nicko? )


Probably Nicko, since he's the oldest member and drums are a taxing instrument. I would guess that it's likely that we'll see a few more albums out of the other members after Nicko puts up the sticks and Maiden retires.


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Definitely Nicko. The guy's in his sixties --how long is he going to be able to keep touring? Everyone in Maiden could keep doing studio albums for a long, long while yet, but I just don't think it's what many of them really want to do i.e. just studio, with no touring. Touring seems very important to them. If anyone can't do it, or isn't enjoying it any more (& makes it known), then I fear it's all over.

Quite interesting to hear how musically motivated Harris still is though; very encouraging. Adrian (& Bruce), with their solo work (or mention of), still seem pretty motivated too. Dave wouldn't quit, I don't think. He'll stick it out to the end. And, no sign of Janick being particularly disinterested or incapable either. So, all-in-all, I think this is quite encouraging, & nothing to be particularly concerned about, in respect to Maiden.

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I'm think they'll release their final album in 2015 and after the touring of that album, Iron Maiden will be done.

But expect the guys to do other stuff. I especially want a solo album from Dave.


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It is interesting that Steve did not write these songs, and good since I will not be saying "crap, I wish this was on the next Maiden album" to any of them.

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Not a solo album at all then, really. Half a dozen songs written without his input if I read correctly. I'm less interested in this now.