Starblind and The Alchemist

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OriginalJud said:
I cant get Starblind either, I cant pull the guitar rythyms together, to me its messy and all over, there is no set melody to the tune.

Starblind is very complex that's true. But if you can fix the complications, Starblind is truly a masterpiece.


portermoresby said:
Well... If you don't like Starblind, I don't think you're actually missing anything. It's just your take on it, I guess. But IMO it's the best song on the album. I love everything in it, from those crazy lyrics to the instrumental sections to the calmest parts. That said, I do believe it's a bit strange that you don't like it that much.

I didn't like The Alchemist that much at first. It took me a while, but when I started loving most of the album (excluding The Talisman, which I have serious trouble listening to) it sounded pretty good to me. The lyrics are good on this one too. I think TFF needed a track like The Alchemist, among the proggy, slower and moodier songs.

I'm interested what it is about The Talisman that gives you trouble?  I think it's noe of the top three on the album,  and possibly my favourite of all!  Once it gets going it's just relentless,  and to me really evokes the feeling of being at sea and facing storms and other hardships - really great song (to me).


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Well, I don't agree with you about The Talisman, but I respect your opinion because you thoroughly explained why you don't like it.

On topic: I like Starblind but I don't like The Alchemist. I'm too lazy now to explain why, I'll do that when those songs get their own Daily Song Thread ;)