Speed Of Light

How good is Speed of Light on a scale of 1-10?

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Didn’t know Cried was a Malmsteen fan.
Malmsteen's and Strato's keyboarder are one and the same person. :)

Blaze - Speed of Light > Stratovarius - Speed of Light > Iron Maiden - Speed of Light > Malmsteen - Faster than the Speed of Light
Most of the Malmsteen track is pretty average but the guitar mid-section elevates it beyond either Blaze (respectable but not that special) &/or Statovarious (pretty average*). I'm quite fond of Maiden's SoL though; so their SoL trumps all the rest.

* What are you hearing in this track? Literally nothing of any interest happens.
Tastes differ I'm afraid. Blaze's song annihilates all the others. Great melodies, singing and solos.
I think “Speed of Light” by Blaze is really just average. It also repeats some of the pieces of his better songs and I’d rather stick with those.
Except Speed of Light for Blaze came before, so you really have it inverted.
A nice riff opens up the album's single and most classic Maiden-sounding track. Nicko uses the cowbell efficiently and signature Bruce scream gets things going. "Speed of Light" is a ton of fun, even if it isn't one of the album's best songs overall. Really cool tune. 7
Great song with an amazing melodic riff. Bruce's scream at the start is a highlight for sure. Adrian knows how to write riffs and short rockers. The chorus is amazing, both solos are essential. The verses and pre-chorus are also very good. The melodic passages that are under the vocals during the verses are what makes the song even more awesome - Adrian is pretty busy in it, he is everywhere. I liked the song from first listen (when the single was released). Adrian's solo is very futuristic and the melodies after that (also played by Adrian) are one of the bests from Maiden. The end of the song is crazy - guitars, drums and bass all goes mad - oh yessssssss !!! I think this song has a unique melodic riff the no other Maiden song has - classic Maiden sounding track along with DOG.

I will give it a 9/10.... but could easily jump into 10.
Classic Maiden single fodder, very Deep Purple-esque from Bruce with a trademark Gillan scream and pun-tastic lyrics, (not particular and single particle, fantastic word play). The pre-chorus guitar melody getting a stand alone reprise after the solos is the highlight. 10/10
I am trying to figure out what the lyrics mean. I get the general meaning, but with Bruce I tend to look for a second meaning.
Of course not all songs have a second meaning but to me there is one hidden in here, I just can’t figure it. The death of somthing anyway.
He refers in the chorus “Humanity can’t save us” and then in one of the verses “Event horizon lost in space Running in a human race“ He also refers to “we” and “us” I a guessing he means some people who hold a belief in something maybe???
To me it is as if he is referring to some sort of loss that is inevitable, to be embraced.
will come back to this songs lyrics again some time and hope to find that meaning. It is in there Somewhere!!
Who said Maiden can’t write classic rockers? I would put this up against any of the second tier classics from the 80s. It’s no Trooper, but it could be a Die With Your Boots On. The riffs that happen throughout are super catchy and you can tell Bruce had a lot of fun with this one. The lyrical concept is sci-fi buzzwords but oh well. Great solo from H, who reminds us who is really the god amongst mortal men. 8