Songs where Nicko hits the china cymbal

Whew! Alright, I'll try and get to FOTD onwards tomorrow - FOTD itself suffers from the same horrible top end that plagues NPFTD, so it's gonna be tough :/
Okay while listening on the bus this morning I found another song to add to the list.

These Colours Don't Run - 4:22
There’s that story of a band that auditioned drummers in their rehearsal room. They set up a big drumkit with a china cymbal, and the deal was that any drummer who hit it would be out of further consideration.
Brand new discovery! Coming Home at 2:14!

There is also a china crash in the new album but I cant remember what song, maybe the Parchment. I will keep my ears open
Okay so I'm listening through BNW trying to find some traces of china

Nothing on Thin Line or Dream of Mirrors so far, but I'm not on studio headphones so I cant be too sure.

But on Ghost of Navigator I think I found a china at 4:30. If someone has better hearing equipment maybe they can confirm