Songs that could have been hits with a better chorus


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Choruses have been a problem for Maiden for around 25 years now. I think that most of their recent songs need to have half as mmuch chorus repetitions to say the least. As for the worst chorus this thread goes down to this has to be either Rainmaker or Different world. Now that I come to think more about it I could easily add 15 more songs with no effort at all.
Wow, Rainmaker have one of the best chorus in Maiden discography ! Different World is a great song with a good chorus too - typical Maiden song.
Actually Maiden sucks at nothing (they rock, and so do their choruses)
...except for that time when they were Iron Blazen.:puke:
:fencing:...with the glimmer of metal your moment is ready to strike. They're coming over the hill, They've come to attack, They're coming in for the kill...There's no turning back - Invaders, fighting - Invaders, marauding.

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I think that (songs I don't like at all are not included):
Longest Day really lacks some continuation to "How long..."
Minstrel part of Montsegur ruins the dark feeling of medieval song.
No more lies (I hope no explanation is nedded).
Journeyman would have been better with a little bit more imagination.

Next two are already hits, but I have to mention:
The Trooper- it's O.K. for a live chant, but "whoooo" is a chorus?
Run to the hills- putting the entire story of how the West was won in one simple line? Personally, the Gangland chorus kicks ass comparing to RTTH. Also, adding the video to the entire impression...
Generally, it's strange, a lot
of songs have repetitive choruses, but it doesn't bother me at all (BNW album). It has a lot to do with overall felling the particular song has. I guess that no one is bothered with "Freedom" chorus in Clansman, especially live...
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Actually Maiden sucks at nothing (they rock, and so do their choruses)
...except for that time when they were Iron Blazen.
Well, I still disagree, because I absolutely love Blaze’s time with Maiden, but sorry for lashing out the other day. Was a bad move on my part.