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Somewhere In Time Artwork

Discussion in 'Somewhere In Time' started by Nick2632, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Nick2632

    Nick2632 Nomad

    So Somewhere In Time is my favorite 80's Maiden album (favorite 80's album in general). And I'm looking to get me a copy on vinyl, but the artwork is very important to me on this album afterall it is my favorite artwork along with Powerslave. I've been seeing 2 different covers for this album that are nearly identical, but one has 'Iron Maiden' 'Somewhere In Time' in big letters across the top and one has the same title in smaller letters on the top. The one with smaller letters is the copy that I want to get myself. The color also looks slightly different on Eddie. I know that some 80's cover art was slightly altered during the 1998 remasters, but did this effect their vinyl cover art as well? Or does SIT have the same cover that it had back in 1986? I've tried searching this topic, but can't find a single thing about it so that's why I am making this thread. I think it is extremely stupid that Maiden altered some of their original artwork during the '98 remasters. They might as well have changed the lyrics of Hallowed Be Thy Name while they were at it! I can very well understand why they alerted the No Prayer For The Dying artwork as it was very ugly, but The Number Of The Beast looked much better with the blue background IMHO. If anyone can shed some light on this topic would be very appreciated or if there is a thread discussing this detail already, then please send a link. Thank you! :)
    Also feel free to share your thoughts on the music itself on Somewhere In Time, sound quality ONLY. We already have threads to discuss what we all think of each song, but I've seen people claim that the original master is much better than the 1998 remastered Somewhere In Time so please share which you prefer and why. Again, thank you in advanced!
  2. Nick2632

    Nick2632 Nomad

    I had to use my phone to upload pictures of both covers. But these are the two covers that I have been seeing for Somewhere In Time, but can't find out the information that I am looking for.
    When I search Amazon for the album, I only find the artwork with the big letters. Which I searched eBay for a copy and happened to find a copy of Somewhere In Time with the other cover, which is new and the same price! I'm wondering if it is a bootlegged copy though so if someone who is an expert in that field can please help me verify if it is official or bootlegged that would be very appreciated as well. :)
    Also, I know the artwork of both if very similar and most people could probably care less which one they have, but the one with smaller letters really attracts me for some reason. I actually never even cared for the artwork until I seen that artwork.

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  3. frus

    frus Barbed Wire Hen

    I have both a remaster and an original japanese version from eighty-something. The one with small letters is an original.
    I've found this on amazon:


    apparently it's a japanese edition remastered album (so new, probably what you've found on ebay). I have no more info on that one, but if it's the same remaster as the "big lettering" one, you really want to find the original. SiT has suffered the most during the "remastering" process, I presume because of the way it was produced in the first place. The rest are actually OK.

    I've found the original on ebay, for less money than this amazon offer. Something like this


    but keep looking, mine was like $25
  4. Nick2632

    Nick2632 Nomad

    Hey, thanks for the response Frus!!
    I figured that the copy with the small letters was an original since it is harder to find. I've just never seen a copy at a store or anywhere besides for the copy I have on CD with the other cover that I got on Amazon. But I'm wanting a copy on vinyl now, and really want a copy with the original artwork. I've gone on wikipedia for other albums and it shows the original artwork and alternate artwork for the other albums like TNOTB and NPFTD, but nothing about SIT.
    Anyway, I've searched eBay and found a copy on vinyl that says original artwork and shows the small letters. Also says NEW and have 3 copies left! It's also the same price for the other cover on Amazon. If you (or anyone else) could take a look and see if you can tell if it's an official copy or a bootlegged copy, if you happen to know anything about that stuff.. It says Sanctuary Records on it. I just can't tell if I should go for it or not, it almost looks too good to be true.
  5. Nick2632

    Nick2632 Nomad

    It even says "original artwork and audio masters"!!! I'm nearly drooling over this! lol I pretty much have my debit card in my hands...
  6. Nick2632

    Nick2632 Nomad

    Well I feel stupid now. I went on Iron Maiden official store to see if I could find any more information.. They re-released all 7 of their 80's albums on 12" vinyl + all the singles on 7" vinyl that promoted each album last November 21, 2014, ALL with original artwork + original audio masters!!! I think the only difference is the quality of the vinyl itself, 180 gram vinyl rather than 120 gram or whatever quality their 80's vinyls were. I've seen the singles many times on Amazon, but not once have seen any of the 7 albums with original artwork + original audio masters!
    Well I went ahead and ordered me a copy of Somewhere In Time (the copy I posted a link for on eBay above). I've been hesitant about purchasing the Maiden collection on vinyl because I didn't want the same sound that I got with the CDs and I wanted the original artwork as well!
    Hope this will help some fans in the future who never knew about Maiden re-releasing their original 80's albums on vinyl with original artwork and original audio masters back in November 2014. :)
    Now that red box set to store all the 80's albums in that comes with the 1st 3 albums looks like something I might be interested in!

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