SIT: individual album judgement by yours truly


Ancient Mariner
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Somewhere in Time (1986) by individual members:

9,6 Zare
9,5 Fugazi
9,3 Jeffmetal
9,1 Forostar
9,1 Vap
9,0 NightProwler666
9,0 The Mid-Distance Runner
8,9 Vortex
8,8 Genghis Khan
8,8 Prowler_108
8,6 maidenhead1996
8,6 Unknown One
8,5 Babo 91
8,5 Eddies Wingman
8,5 Stallion Duck
8,3 Invader
8,3 mckindog
8,3 Perun
7,9 taker64
7,8 LooseCannon
7,6 bearfan
7,4 Black_Thunder
7,4 Jonszat
7,3 _____no5
6,9 Albie
6,6 national acrobat

I haven't calculated it well yet (I'll do that at the end, when we have more scores), but at this point, it looks like this album has the highest ratings. And realize that Travis hasn't even done all his songs yet. SSOASS might top this but I doubt if any other album will. We'll see.


Ancient Mariner
Well, I can see you like it. :)  Also highest for me so far, and I think only BNW, AMOLAD and TFF have a chance of topping it in my ratings.


Caugh somewhere in Time - 10
Wasted Years - 10
Sea  of Madness - 10
Heaven Can Wait - 9
The Lonlinnes - 9
Strange in a Strange Land - 10
Deja Vu - 8
Alexander the Great - 10



Ancient Mariner
Forostar said:
I sure do, and I even think I rated Wasted Years too low (I'll change that as soon as we can change our votes).  :)

I did the same with the title track; I have no idea what I was thinking.  I sort of feel I should have given 10s to SIASL and/or Alex, but they're not quite good enough.


The Angel Of The Odd
Caugh somewhere in Time -7
Wasted Years -9
Sea  of Madness -6
Heaven Can Wait -5
The Lonlinnes -8
Strange in a Strange Land -10*
Deja Vu -4
Alexander the Great -10

Average:  7,375

*My vote is the poll is actually 9, but I decided to change it. For the sum I counted as a 10.

Unknown One

I see the ghost of navigators.
Caught Somewhere in Time - 10
Wasted Years - 9
Sea of Madness - 9
Heaven Can Wait - 6
Strange in a Strange Land - 10
Deja Vu - 8
Alexander the Great - 9

Avg: 8.625

Hmmm..... This got just a slightly better avg than Powerslave, even if I considered this my equal 2nd favourtie album behind Powerslave. A change might be in order.



59/8 = 7.375 = 7.4

Cheers Foro!

So far I'm at: PoM > SIT> NotB > IM > PS > K which is how it rolls in my opinion too, so this scoring system is working.


In the labyrinth of eternity
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So, my current ranking is:

Piece of Mind: 8,7
Iron Maiden: 8,7
Somewhere in Time: 8,3
The Number of the Beast: 7,8
Killers: 7,5
Powerslave: 7,3

If I were to rate the albums by themselves, the result would look similar, although I guess Piece of Mind would get a higher rating from me, and I'd put Powerslave over Killers. Well, I'll check on all this once the rating thing is done.

national acrobat

Ancient Mariner
6.6 for me, by some way the lowest score there. I'm trying to give an even weight to rating songs 1-5 with 6-10 though, so the score seems about right as an album total for SIT. I'll get round to rating earlier albums soon.


Automaton Sovietico
@Foro, you can count my scores, i've finished missing reviews for SiT today.
Basically, it's 6 perfect scores (Caught Somewhere In Time, Wasted Years, Sea Of Madness, Deja Vu, Stranger In A Strange Land, Alexander The Great), one 9 (The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner), and one 8 (Heaven Can Wait).

Therefore my average score for this album is 9.6.
That titles me as the biggest SiT fanboy on this board. Win  :D


Automaton Sovietico
Yup, i did the same for SSoaSS now.
Damn flu, i've been in bed for two days in a row (literally!), reaching over 39(C) at points. So right now i have time to do the late homework  :D


Ancient Mariner
Added that as well.

Much appeciated. Not you being sick of course. Get well, and enjoy the songs you might play again for this kind of stuff.