Senjutsu Eddies


Ancient Mariner
I've thought that it would be very good to compile all the Eddies that belong to this new album made by the different artists who work for Maiden like Mark Wilkinson, Akirant Illustration…
Mark Wilkinson about the creation of the album cover:

''Maiden's management send me the the title first, and then a 'mood board'' from Steve. He emailed a few pages of reference pictures collaged together. There were samurai warriors and creatures from Japanese oni mythology - ogres with one or more horns growing out of their heads, plus an extra set of fangs. There were kabuki masks and tattoos, Japanese water dragon... all sorts. It was up to me to interpret it.

I knew I would have difficulty just plonking Eddie into a samurai costume. The higher castle warriors usually had many layers of highly ornate, dense fabric both to protect and pad them out on the battlefield - I couldn't see such a costume working for the skeletal figure of Eddie. Besides, he would look far too flamboyant. I also resisted putting the traditional samurai helmet on his head. It would cover too much detail of the early kabuki-style 'mask' of red warpaint I had sketched for him. Eddie's head was like a cyborg - part creature, part machine - especially with all the bashed-in metal and torn rustic leather of the rest of the costume.

Steve liked both illustrations and called me one day to suggest that we have a
double front cover - we'd use both! Eddie is a mythical creature, so why not present him as the oni creature - an invisible spirit - but also as the sentient being of a samurai when in battle. It made perfect sense!''
Senjutsu Eddie artworks from the album's booklet
by Mark Wilkinson

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Whenever I see Eddie with a bow and arrows I cannot help but think about Merida!

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