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Yeah, Edge of Thorns is definitely my favorite Savatage album! It's an absolute shame that Criss and Zak didn't get a chance to work on any other Savatage album but that one. The result of their work together on EoT was absolute magic.

Also have to agree about him and Chuck Schuldiner; the two of them are right up there with Alex Lifeson as my Top 3 Guitarists.

Chained Prometheus

The Spiral King
Haven't listened to the band but these solos are nothing short of amazing.

I'd change that as soon as possible then, if I were you! ;)

I'd recommend starting off with either Hall of the Mountain King or Edge of Thorns. After that, check out Gutter Ballet and then Streets. :notworthy::cheers:

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WJCU disc jockey and former WEA employee Bill Peters announced on his long running Metal On Metal program (August 7th) that after their Wacken Open Air appearance, Savatage plan to continue.

Peters: "I'm friends with their manager. He used to work together at Atlantic. They were very happy with how the show went. They were using it as a test. Based on how it went, they're excited and want to do some more shows and possibly record a new album."

Stay tuned for an update from the Savatage camp, coming soon.
I have EVERYTHING crossed that this happens!

Travis The Dragon

"Set yourself on fire as we remember this forever"
Looks like this is definite! We just have to wait for more details now.


Savatage is one of my favorite bands.
anyone interested jon oliva's pain is pretty damn good especially the albums maniacal renderings and 'tage mahal


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Met Jon (singer) & Criss (guitarist) (brothers) back during Gutter Ballet headlining tour at a club in Texas. Both were very cool. Years later, buddy of mine saw Dio live, met him afterwards and he told my friend about Criss being killed by a drunk driver. Very sad.

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Hope it didn't affect his voice. Don't wanna be too cruel, but he lived more of a McDonald's than rock 'n' roll style :p But I get it, his brother dying fucked him up for good :(


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He used to do heroin and god knows what else together with Mustaine when Savatage and Megadeth toured together in the 80s. Then they both went in and out of rehab. Mustaine probably ten times more than Jon though. I think after the death of Criss it was most likely a diet of crappy food and a lot of alcohol....


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That's really sad to hear especially since he was looking better than he had in years around late 2015. Hoping for a good recovery for him.

It's possible that a radical change of lifestyle, even to a healthier one, could cause a stroke. It's one of many possibilities, and I wish to be clearly understood that I'm not suggesting that this was the cause, merely saying that it needn't be a contradiction.