I just bought Samson's Live At Reading'81 CD.It's very good,Bruce sings great.I just want to ask about some songs-Big Brother and Gravy Train from which album are they?I have Head On and Shock tactics.I'll soon get Survivors.Who is the singer on it?

The Ancient Mariner

Ancient Mariner
Big Brother is on the Survivors album, which originally had Paul Samson (RIP) on vocals, but the new CD issue also has the reissue which was Bruce's vocals dubbed over Paul's.

Gravy Train is, to the best of my knowledge, not available anywhere else.


Ancient Mariner
Lately I've been playing some Samson and thought that even after Bruce left, they did some good stuff. Here a few songs from the post-Bruce era which could be unknown to most of us here, but imo they still deserve to be heard.

Test of Time (energetic uptempo song with nice opening riffs)

Don't Get Mad, Get Even (powerful and atmospheric song, with grinding rhythm guitar and solid drumming by Pete Jupp)


Ancient Mariner
Nice catchy tune. The uploader (Paul Samson Archive) says on Facebook:
Happy New Year to everybody.
I have just spent a couple of hours cleaning up the audio and video on an old VHS tape that was amongst the bits and pieces in the archive.
It is from a period that gets far too little coverage, but deserves to be recognised as yet another great Samson line up.