Rush Survivor Finished: Red Barchetta wins!

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Sorry this is taking so long to update, I'm gonna be doing it once a week for awhile.

Eliminated:Entre Nous - 3 votes
Witch Hunt - 4 votes
Vital Signs - 4 votes
A Farewell to Kings - 3 votes
Freewill - 4 votes

Cygnus X-1 is promoted to the quarter finals and Xanadu is promoted to the Semi finals
Ain't that the truth. It's like killing babies.
Hemispheres was always a little too much for me.
It's the only song on there I would not rank at least a nine.
I quite like Hemispheres, one of my favorite epics. It hurt to vote for it.
Hemispheres - 3 votes
Jacob's Ladder - 5 votes :down:

The Trees and Spirit Of Radio are promoted to quarter finals, Natural Science and La Villa Strangiato to semis

Signals and Grace Under Pressure have joined the battle!
Really? I like every song up there, but the riff on that one, the way the rhythm section plays counter to it, and the solo — pretty awesome stuff.
Yea the rhythms are really cool (5/8 rules!) but overall I can't get into it.