Reissue 1982 Number of the Beast artwork individually numbered and signed by Derek Riggs


Hello Maiden friends and fellow fans. Does anybody know how I can optane maybe by maybe trade something of my maiden collection for the reissue of the 1982 Number of the Beast artwork each one is numbered and individually signed by Derek Riggs. It was sold only and Iron Maiden website and there were only so many of them made maybe like a thousand of them possibly a hundred I'm not sure but I know it's like no more than a thousand of them maybe 500 I'm not quite sure but it is very limited It Is 24in by 24in and it has a white border around the artwork and it also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Is anybody looking to sell their copy in its entirety. I am looking for the certificate of authenticity and the signed artwork. Please let me know very important to me. Thank you follow Maiden friends and fans. Don