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Ancient Mariner
Forostar said:
Err yeah, but can (t)he(y) sing on key with the autotune off?
For sure. They won the Battle of the Bands last year and won a Peace and Love gig (huge festival. This year the price's even better. Four festival slots).

The girl put vocals down for Nightwish's Amaranth (school recording and soundalike) despite it being a couple of semi-notes too high for her. Came out alright considering the circumstances. They are very talanted and knowledgable. Especially the keyboard player. He's the music theory teacher (and audio production) at school. Sounds pretty in tune to me.


Ancient Mariner
Forostar said:
I like the way they perform with a real drum kit live. Often, a beat is generated via other ways these days.

Here I found another clip:
I don't quite follow what you mean is special about they using acoustic drums? Are you talking electronical kit or what, or backing tracks or...? Live bands usually use acoustic drums. Only time I've seen an electronical kit in a live situation is the Elementary school's Christmas show. And it was a bad drum brain.

Wait. Maybe you were talking drums in studio recordings, that are played with samples that aren't even sampled from drums?


Ancient Mariner
Well, (dance) bands with such a vibe (and such use of keyboard) often leave out the kit. No drummer. Just something running along.


Ancient Mariner
Ah I see. Yeah some genres use loops rather than real drums, or programmed beats (like some Rihanna songs for instance- I like her though). That's more common in solo artist bands and stuff, or artist with backing musicians, not "real bands" if I dare say so.

I quite like this band - And I don't generally like that sort of music so that's high praise for them.


Ancient Mariner
Quite a surprise indeed. :)

Well, the songs are the things that matter here. Not every band needs to have a fantastic guitar player or vocalist.  :D


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Forostar said:
Freddie Hubbard - Sky Dive (on vinyl)
Excellent excellent choice!  :ok: We played the title track in band last year! Such a good song.


Ancient Mariner
edge of darkness said:
Stone Temple Pilots-Core

I'm really starting to get into this band.

STP is a really good band, always enjoyed them including their last album.

Just picked up


Elton John -- The Red Piano
Alice Cooper -- From the Inside
Uriah Heep -- Wonderworld


Infinite Dreamer
Thanks to an early Christmas present:

Edguy's Age of the Joker and Live: Burning down the Opera
Rhapsody of Fire's From Chaos to Eternity
Nocturnal Rites' Lost in Time: The Early Years of Nocturnal Rites which includes two Cds, In a Time of Blood and Fire and Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Also got The 8th Sin
Stratovarius' Dreamspace

Reviews coming soon, but not before finally getting my Mastodon and Opeth ones done ;)


Ancient Mariner
Onhell said:
Nocturnal Rites' Lost in Time: The Early Years of Nocturnal Rites which includes two Cds, In a Time of Blood and Fire and Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

Nice pick!

You particularly might like Tales. Lots of catchy melodies, and some cool keyboard hooks. Some songs clearly have a Maiden influence. And if you can stand Tolkki's voice, you might like the Strato album as well.


Officer Friendly
Onhell said:
Nocturnal Rites' Lost in Time: The Early Years of Nocturnal Rites which includes two Cds, In a Time of Blood and Fire and Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Also got The 8th Sin

Nice choices.  :ok:
Both albums have some really nice tunes.The vocals especially on the 1st one sound a bit childish but I can get over it.I really like 8th Sin as well.A bit more commercial sound compared to previous albums but still heavy and edgy.

New World Messiah - Nocturnal Rites  :D
Beg For It - Hardcore Superstar

Crimson Idol

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot
The Eagles - The Complete Greatest Hits
The Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden
Megadeth - TH1RT3EN
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla (wish family would learn to either check my CD collection or just go by the list of CD's that I say I am after... as I now have 3 copies of this >.<)


Officer Friendly
The Wicked Symphony - Avantasia 2LP Limited Vinyl

Royal Hunt - Show Me How to Live
Innerwish - No Turning Back
Creed - Weathered
Arrayan Path - Ira Imperium
Just recently been recommended Iced Earth and Testament

Testament - Practice What You Preach
Testament - The Formation Of Damnation
Iced Earth - Horror Show
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell


Living for Sanctuary from the law
Staff member
Bought Symphony X's Iconoclast on the recommendation of some here.
Haven't really absorbed it yet, but initial impressions are good.
It hasn't been on my player as much as it might have been because I also bought Saxon's Call of Duty at the same time.
That one is an excellent combination of old-school Saxon songwriting with their more modern metal sound.


Ancient Mariner
All Vinyl
From the $0.25 bin
Fantasia (Disney)
Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass -- Whipped Cream and Other Delights
Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass -- The Beat of the Brass
I Started Out as a Child -- Bill Cosby
Bolero Soundtrack
Mary Poppins Soundtrack
U2 -- The Joshua Tree
Eagles -- Their Greatest
Steve Martin -- Wild and Crazy Guy
Kingdom Come -- Kingdom Come
Uriah Heep -- Best Of
Sweet -- Cut Above the Rest
Goldfinger -- Soundtrack
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer -- Soundtrack
Men at Work -- Business as Usual
West Side Story -- Soundtrack
Willie Nelson -- Live
The Spy Who Loved Me -- Soundtrack
The Who -- By The Numbers
Paul McCartney -- McCartney

More Normal Prices

Smashing Pumpkins -- Siamese Dream
Yes -- Going for the One
Deep Purple -- Deep Purple
Yes -- Drama
A View To A Kill -- Soundtrack
Live and Let Die -- Soundtrack
Kings of Leon -- Only by Night
Primal Rock Rebellion -- Awoken Broken