Question to all of you who also dislike the Senjutsu album

Yes, that is clipping. If it sounds like there is bacon frying during a song it means the producer and whoever mastered it don' know what they are doing. It is really bad on Metallica's Death Magnetic, Rush's Vapor Trails and Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication.

The last three songs on Senjutsu are really bad with it. The original version of Dance Of Death had some clipping but when they remastered it in 2015 they seemed to have fixed some of it.
Argh... now that I noticed it on a couple songs initially, I hear it on Hell on Earth. It seems loudest on guitar solos, or maybe that's just when there are no vocals and it's more noticeable. Has the band said anything about this? It would be nice if they eventually release a fixed set of the problematic tracks online for free.