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  1. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    Oh right, I started listening to that and gave up about two songs in. :facepalm:
  2. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    The Hands is good. The Chase and Murderer have their moments. The rest is garbage and disgraceful.
  3. Black Bart

    Black Bart Ancient Mariner

    I actually prefer Hear in the Now Frontier to anything before Mindcrime (though I think it should have been a DeGarmo solo album). Q2K and the self-titled album have great moments too in my opnion. Favourite period: O:M, Empire, PL / Worst period: Taterÿche (O:M2, AS, DTC)
  4. terrell39

    terrell39 Ancient Mariner

    Tribe had its' moments and i vastly prefer CH over the 1st cd with Todd
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  5. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

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  6. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Cereal Litigator

  7. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    Spotify web player should be free to use?? I'm not paying for it. Unless it's US only..

    Anyways that's not the issue. The song sounds like Queensryche. There is nothing special about it. It's kind of dull and monotonous. I don't care for it.
  8. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    Feel like I’ve been here before!
    Feel like I’ve been here before!
    Feel like I’ve been here before!
    Feel like I’ve been here before!
  9. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    I don't believe in reviews
    I never have, I never will
    I don't believe in reviews
    They're never worth my time to view
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  10. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

  11. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

    I’ve only listened to the new album once so far, so it’s too early to offer a...firm opinion, but it feels like it’s on par with Condition Hüman, or perhaps a bit better. Definitely some cool, aggressive, semi-progressive stuff on offer here, though I still find LaTorre’s vocal harmony choices to be a bit cheesy.

    So, is anyone else ready to deliver their...thoughts? I’m curious to see what a jury of their fans might render as their...judgment on the album.
  12. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    Forgot this album came out. Will listen tonight. My hopes aren't very high though.
  13. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

    After some more listening I’d say The Verdict is definitely the best Toddsrÿche album, and probably the band’s overall best since Promised Land (though that’s not a very high bar to clear). There are memorable sections in pretty much every song, some nice harmonized melodic bits, cool off-rhythm riffs, and some really cracking stuff like the verse to “Man The Machine”. They’re definitely on the right track here.
  14. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    The Verdict

    Blood of the Levant: Good song. Awesome chorus, and some good guitar work in there. 9/10
    Man the Machine: Not very much memorable here. It's still a pleasant listen. Good solo 6/10
    Light-years: Cool groove. There's a lot of cool stuff going on here, the middle in particular is the highlight. 8/10
    Inside Out: Weird intro. This song is kind of all over the place. Guitar middle sounds like it's straight from Promised Land 6/10
    Propaganda Fashion: Backup vocals on verse are dreadful. Lyrics though are interesting. Not terrible though. 6/10
    Dark Reverie: Finally we get some emotion on the album! Also some keyboards? This is what they are capable of. 10/10
    Bent: It feels a little overlong and too drawn out. Can't pinpoint a moment that stood out. Nothing terrible though. 5/10
    Inner Unrest: Good intro riff. A lot of cool stuff here. Guitar work is superb. Nice chorus too. 9/10
    Launder the Conscience: Weird song. Eerie middle section. Kind of all over the middle place. False ending leads into another bit of the song. Keyboards are cool 8/10
    Portrait: Not a typical QR song. Sounds more like Alice in Chains. It's not too bad though. 7/10

    Decent album, not as good as Condition Human imo. It just feels kind of quickly thrown together. I just don't see myself going back to this album very much.
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  15. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

    Just to be clear, you’re saying that an album where over half the songs are 8/10 or higher, and nearly half the songs are 9/10 or 10/10, is “decent” but something you’re unlikely to return to much? How does your rating system work, exactly...?

    And I don’t know what you’re smoking re: “Man The Machine”. That 5/4 intro is cool, and the verse guitars and vocals are absolutely killer — probably the highlight of the album for me. The pre-chorus and chorus don’t quite live up to that promise, but are still pretty good, IMO...
  16. Urge, I'm trying to hold off hearing anything from the new album (gave the singles 3 or so listens each but not since they came out) But these good reviews are making it hard not to cheat, I should probably order it soon...
  17. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    I should clarify that I am pretty generous with my ratings. A 4 or below has to be really bad. An 8 to me is a moderate ranking. There are definitely some good songs on the album and despite those good songs I don't have the desire to come back and listen to this album. If I want to listen to Queensryche then I'll go listen to Rage For Order or Empire. I went back and did a little adjusting in my ratings after the album settled and I compared it to others.

    As for 'Man the Machine' there was not much to like there, other than the guitar solo. Feels like a rehash of 'Arrow of Time' to me. That song is also much better.
  18. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon Rob Halford=Metal God/Bruce Dickinson=God Of Metal

    It's pretty good, but I'm not blown away. Similar to what I said earlier, it just sounds like more of the last 2 albums.
  19. Went and ordered the deluxe package, should be here in a week or two. Will do my review of it then
  20. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    I would also like to add, I wish they would have tried some more experimentation and recorded some longer songs. Unfortunately the longest song on this album came out too long and dull. 'Condition Human' ended up being a great song. They're supposed to be progressive metal, why not experiment more??

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