Purgatory or Out of the Silent Planet?

Which song do you prefer?

  • Purgatory

    Votes: 12 40.0%
  • Out of the Silent Planet

    Votes: 18 60.0%

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Ancient Mariner
These two songs, although separated by nearly two decades, have always seemed similar to me. I may be crazy but they evoke the same emotions and feelings for me. Here is your chance to vote for which one of these songs you personally prefer (talk about an insane poll!).

I am voting for Purgatory, it is a hard decision, but I really like the speed and quick adrenaline rush this gives to the Killers album. The guitar work, drums and vocals progress together nicely and Paul really belts out the chorus nicely. A short, yet very satisfying song.
Out of the Silent Planet for me.  I love the melody, and it's definitely an underrated part of the Brave New World album.
Two great songs, but Purgatory is better. Great fast guitar work.
I like the progressive rock feel of BNW, really stands out on this track.

(but then again, I bought the Dixie Chicks album "Home" today because I liked the bluegrass overtones of it, so what do I know?)
Whereas Purgatory, in my opinion, is one of the better tracks on Killers, I think OOTSP "drowns" a little among the other great stuff on Brave New World. I mean, the song has to compete with Ghost of the Navigator, Blood Brothers and Dream of Mirrors. Poor sod  ;)

I'll try to compare the two songs isolated. Both songs have good lyrics - the ones in Purgatory are somewhat mysterious to me, it sounds dream-like from the 1. person point of view. OOTSP has somewhat dystopic lyrics, they seem to be about a future world ruined by mankind - through war, pollution or perhaps something else? A drawback for OOTSP is that its lyrics are somewhat repetitive (like quite many songs post-Fearofthedark, with a peak on track 2 on VXI).

Considering composition, both songs explore the typical "hard-soft-hard-soft" variation that Maiden often use. However, OOTSP has more variation in tempo, even the "softer" parts of Purgatory have quite fast bass lines and drums. The variation in the choruses in OOTSP (from the single power chords used in the first chorus, to the old-school gallop rhythm in the second one, to guitars following the vocal melody more or less in the last) gives the track variation despite the repetitive lyrics. Also, the intro of the track is catchy - remains me a little of Moonchild except guitars, not synthesizers, are used.

I like Out of the Silent Planet more as a composition, and I give it my vote.
I personally prefer P to OOTSP, although their are not as good as short epics like TT or RTTH, but I would say that repetitive choruses like TAATG, BNW, BB, and a few others like NML, J, LTS, LFTT, and even BOTWH, can sometimes be annoying, which is why it's nice to listen to chorusless songs like TA, and of course T and GG.

Know what I mean?  :innocent:
I personally see no problem with abbreviating a long title such as Out Of The Silent Planet if it already appears in the thread title, as a poll option and everybody knows what you're talking about anyway.
Out of the Silent Planet without a doubt. Brave New World is one of my favorite Maiden albums, and most of the songs on there I have a soft spot for simply because they were my first Maiden songs. Out of the Silent Planet is a bit repetitive, but the melody is great, really gets me singing along.

Although now I'm gonna go back and listen closely to Purgatory since you say they sound similar Deano :).
Although now I'm gonna go back and listen closely to Purgatory since you say they sound similar Deano .

I'm not sure if it's so much the sound Natalie as it is the feeling that the songs evoke in me. I really can't explain it well, they just seem the same to me, but I'm insane, so........

OOTSP is coming on strong lately......
What in the FUCK?!

(For those of you who haven't seen Trailer Park Boys, this is a Trailer Park Boys reference.)