Prediction: Does Maiden do one more album? And what's the theme if so?

Once I mentioned that Maiden should do Atlantis concept double album (vinyl double, just one CD) on this forum, people laughed. I still think that musically and lyricaly that could be great album, maybe one of Maiden's best. As far as Eddie and package design goes, Riggs should design everything, or maybe Akirant, or Riggs together with Akirant. I can imagine merchandise with Maiden's Atlantis theme.
Wrath Of The Waters?
I would like to have at least one very fast heavy song. I hate age-related clichés and those who think that older bands naturally write only slow songs should have to eat their words.
''The Alchemist'', ''When The River Runs Deep'', ''Death Or Glory'' are not fast enough?
Since Maiden's "themes" are usually very loose anyway, I'm not sure it matters. We'll still get a song about war, a tv-show/movie, a book, and some history stuff that may or may not be tied to the actual album theme.
The theme is usually only related to the title track and/or it can be connected to some other songs in the album.
Well, imo, Avalon theme is much much better than Atlantis. It is british. Checks knights, medieval, honor, mystic etc. boxes. I support this direction. This theme is a cousin to The Chemical Wedding. :D Remember Bruce's song Return of the King.
I like this theme a lot too. I don't think they will go for a ''knight theme'' after a ''samurai theme''.
''The Alchemist'', ''When The River Runs Deep'', ''Death Or Glory'' are not fast enough?
These are fast tracks but IMHO they lack of the aggression and they are not "that great" . I mean the last ferocious track by them on record is Man On The Edge ( The Alchemist is a bit of a poor man version of the Blaze era classic), followed by futureal, not as fast on record, but what a great short fast track...The ones you cited are for sure ok tracks but they lack of something IMHO, they are fast but I cannot feel tHE power.
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''The Alchemist'', ''When The River Runs Deep'', ''Death Or Glory'' are not fast enough?

No, they are fast enough.
I was just thinking about the comments I heard from some about "Senjutsu", that the emphasis of this album is of course on medium tempo, because Maiden are really old now and really old musicians never compose fast music. :facepalm:
On this theme Eddie could be anyhting and it would be curious.

This is a very possible idea.
Re: My 'end of the world' idea...

I imagined the album cover being like Motorhead's 'The World Is Yours' cover where Eddie's face can be superimposed onto the Earth. The art would have been taken moments after a meteor crashed into half of Eddie/Earth, leaving one half of it molten and shooting debris out into space.
"Eddie Lives" for their last studio album. That would also work for a live release. Maybe the live release could be, "Eddie Lives Again" or "Eddie Alive Again".

Cover art could be him laying on an autopsy table with his eyes sinisterly open. Frankenstein influenced themes in the art perhaps, not a square head though lol. Would have to be careful not to ape the LAD, NPFTD, and X-Factor album covers here. Lyrically the theme could be the afterlife, near death experiences, and the undead. I wouldn't want to dedicate the whole album to exploring those themes; maybe 1/4th of the album.

I hope and believe that Maiden have two more studio albums left in them. Obviously would love as many as they've got left.
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Frankenstein influenced themes in the art perhaps,
Well Maiden already tackled the themes of Frankenstein in “New Frontier”, so why not kick off the album with another weighty opener taking influence from the subtitle of the novel — “Prometheus”! You could add themes of freedom and tie into the Eddie Lives idea in that indirect manner.