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just the first article that came up when I googled it.

Not a big fan of the concept of "dog whistling", as it becomes very easy to accuse anything of being a "dog whistle", much like the example outlined in that article. The concept of a "malevolent [entity] in the shadows" is obviously a well known, anti-Semitic trope, but Waters is clearly talking about the forces of "extreme nationalism"* in that statement, which would point to him not intending to mean Jews.

*I don't agree with the point that "extreme nationalism" has provoked the invasion, in case anyone thinks that, but Waters clearly does.


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Bruce isn't going to do that unless someone shuts him up. And the chances of that are as great as Steve not touring with British Lion.


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Thoughts of Roger Waters on Syd Barrett.

Side note by yours: Pink Floyd saw Syd Barrett for last time in 1975 during Shine on You Crazy Diamond (that it was written for him). He was holding a plastic bag. He was bald and fat. They immediately broke up with tears.