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Piece of Mind: Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Piece Of Mind' started by 22 The Avenue, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Piece of Mind was a solid follow up to the great Number of the Beast. It started strong, remained so throughout it's middle, but did fizzle out slightly near the back end of the album.

    I read that To Tame a Land was originally supposed to be named Dune, after the famous novel. The author of Dune threatened to sue them if they did not cease asking for his permission to name the song Dune. He hated rock bands and wanted no association with them.
  2. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    This is true:

  3. Gk1

    Gk1 Ancient Mariner

    My onlh issue woth the album is that the sound is very...well sweet.I prefer the raw sound of TNOTB and Powerslave
  4. Dr. Eddies Wingman

    Dr. Eddies Wingman Brighter than thousand_suns

    I disagree. To Tame A Land is a great song, and whereas Quest For Fire and Sun And Steel are no classics, they both are quite enjoyable. The instrumental part in Quest For Fire, after the second chorus, is really cool.
  5. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

  6. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Flight Of Icarus 10
    Revelations 10
    To Tame A Land 10
    Sun And Steel 10
    The Trooper 10
    Die With Your Boots On 9
    Where Eagles Dare 9
    Quest For Fire 8
    Still Life 7

    Average: 9,22 (Funny thing is that the general sum is 83).
  7. RueMorgue

    RueMorgue Prowler

    I remember being a little disappointed with POM, as anticipation was high in the wake of TNOTB.
    I felt that the first half of the album was strong, but the quality tailed off on side 2 (yes folks, I am old enough to remember buying the vinyl record on the day of release)
    Where Eagles Dare was a quality opener, and over time I have come to see Revelations as a real Maiden classic. Die With Your Boots On I always loved, right from the get-go.
    I never quite understood the love for Flight of Icarus, I thought it was a rather tired sounding Run To The Hills re-tread. Anybody think Maiden may have 'borrowed' a little from Thin Lizzy
    on Sun And Steel? And of course the album contains a bona fide galloping Maiden classic in The Trooper.

    My overall assessment is that it's a good, solid album but lacking the brilliance of Killers and TNOTB. I guess it all depends on which album was your introduction to Maiden.
    If it's POM, it'll naturally be close to your heart.

    And the part which for me was hard to get used to was my favourite member of the band (Clive) being replaced by Nicko.
    I will always regard Clive as a better drummer than his replacement.
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  8. CriedWhenBrucieLeft

    CriedWhenBrucieLeft Ancient Mariner

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