Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

Travis_AKA_fonzbear2000 said:
Ah, so there's a member on here who has banning power, but we can't say his name? :wtf: Well, the only mods I know of are LC, SMX, Perun, Shadow, and Wasted. And the admins that I know of are Real World and the head admin, Jon.

You see, a long time ago, he tried to ban Real World, but his ban rebounded and destroyed his account. Now, we have ensured that his name can't be uttered on the forum, for fear of restoring him to an account, and power. For if Maverick were to be returned to power, there would be no telling how powerful the Dark Lord would be...
Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. I highly doubt someone who was banned could get mod powers again, but it's better safe than sorry since he would probably have a different username.

Anyway, I'm still listening to the album once a day. I'm THAT hooked on it!
I didn't say he was banned. However, some say, if you look carefully, Mav's old posts are still around, a reminder of the horror that could come again.
I didn't say that either. The whole thing is shrouded in mystery. Nobody really knows what happened that night. They just said that RW was prophesied to destroy Mav, and Mav wouldn't have any of it. Nobody knows why the ban rebounded.
LooseCannon said:
Nobody knows why the ban rebounded.

Indeed. It was a bizarre and legendary battle, witnessed by only a select few. We were all left confused, trying to figure out what just happened, and Maverick was suddenly gone. Only whispers and legends remain.
Perhaps we should give the n00bz a taste of the Dark Lord. A sample of what it was like here, trying to survive the reign of terror. Behold, his last public post...

Maverick said:
This may very well be ... your last post, as your IQ obviously doesn't allow you to even understand what people tell you.

Last advice: clean up your act or face the consequences...  <_<

And then ... silence. Maverick disappeared into the dark night, and n00bz have run amok ever since.
HallowedBeMyName said:
Maidenfans is like an epic story filled with legends, myths and mysteries.

You have no idea. The lore of the dark ages is fading fast, as the oldtimers get Alzheimer's (or get drunk) and they forget how to find Maidenfans.

There are only a few of us left who still, by force of habit, get a headache when we hear the phrase "Goddess of Time".
HallowedBeMyName said:
Thanks Travis and Perun for starting that humorously epic discussion.

What did I do?  :huh:

Anyway, here's some more classic Mav posting:

Perun: I have no idea which rule I should point out first to Mr. ..., can anybody help me?

Mav: What are his faults?

Systematically using bad grammar?
Systematically using bad spelling?
Systematically using BLOCK LETTERS?
Systematically posting crap?
Systematically being a dick?

All of the above?
I was laughing hard through the whole discussion.  I know you don't need it Loosey, but have a praise.

I was a lurker on these forums for almost half a year before I joined.  I was terrified of He Who Must Not Be Named.  

Well, not really. :D
SinisterMinisterX said:
There are only a few of us left who still, by force of habit, get a headache when we hear the phrase "Goddess of Time".

I actually groaned out loud when I saw that.

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: