Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

Who is your favorite Iron Maiden guitarist?

  • Dave Murray

    Votes: 38 30.4%
  • Adrian Smith

    Votes: 68 54.4%
  • Janick Gers

    Votes: 19 15.2%

  • Total voters
Last time I was still in love with Dave, with Janick close behind. But now… I mean, I like his solos more and more (and he gets better and better with every album), has a great sound, is spontaneous and fresh, his rhythm playing is really cool too (The Book of Souls, anyone?)

… Let alone the fact that since the reunion at least when he’s not having outright the best song off the album (DoD, The Legacy, The Talisman, TBOS), then it’s at least a highlight and it brings smile to my face (Dream of Mirrors).

(Before reunion too - his work on Como Estais Amigos would be enough in itself to buy that album.)

If you count Navigator as his song (I have difficulty determining who’s the author when there’s three people involved), then he has written the best song of the last five (!) albums.
Yes, I know the songwriting aspect should probably not be included, but I just can’t separate it.

On the other hand, though he still comes in third, I really started to appreciate H more. Some of his solos (ToaC, Different World) are nothing short of amazing.
This is difficult for me.

In terms of songwriting, Janick/Smith.

In terms of playing, Murray/Smith.

(would've said Smith but I recently watched SSOASS live at Rock Am Ring and Murray absolutely killed it)

In terms of watching I enjoy Murray the most largely because of how happy the guy looks in every live performance I've seen him in.

Think I'll vote Murray instead of Janick, who I'd previously chosen due to having a hand in so many of my favourite Maiden songs of the past 15 years.
I like all of them pretty equally for different reasons, but in recognition of his excellent song-writing contributions, I picked Janick.
Definitely Janick on songwriting these days. I've grown to appreciate Janick more and more, actually, as a guitarist as well. The Best Maiden Solos Survivor has been instrumental (pun, sorry!) in that.

Janick has written some great songs, but that doesn't make him my favourite "guitarist" (although he is in my top 3 Maiden guitarists).
For me, it's Dave - when all is said and done.
This is how I view them:

Janick is by far the best songwriter out of the three but his solos most often don't resonate with me.

Adrian is the most consistent soloist out of these three and when I hear Adrian's solo approaching I know I am in for a treat. I think of his solos as consistently great but rarely spectacular.

Dave is probably least consistent (both as a songwriter and soloist) out of these three ATM but is by far the most spectacular player and this played an instrumental role in bringing my attention to Maiden. In my view, he plays the best solo on 11/16 Iron Maiden albums.
Additionally, he always looks so effortless while playing, which maybe suggests that he is the most talented IM guitarist.

Also, I might be a little bit biased because I see so much (unreasonable) love for Adrian here.
I hope I didn't offend anyone...
The question's getting even more complicated for me, it seems. I voted for Janick and I would do it again - throughout the years he has proven to me that he is worship-worthy by his beautiful rhythm work (TBOS!), composing and the spontaneity of his solos. And the funny things he does on stage (I still have vivid memories of his cute dances during the SSOASS chorus). My favourite Maiden is with Janick. When Janick goes, I go (at least as far as Maiden fanship is concerned), I guess.

However, taking into consideration Adrian's work on the last album (and the album before that) and his work with Brucie I have come to the conclusion I like him almost the same. Like, at times I might even prefer him. But only at times, I'm Janick's man through and through. And yes, H started out as my least favourite guitarist.

So there. There lies my blasphemy. Now I have to return among the Janickists and forget about this Smithian heresy at once. Oh Gers have mercy on my soul.

EDIT: Also, much as I love Different World, H is the man behind When the River Runs Deep, the best short Maiden song since Rainmaker.
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