Now THIS Is How You Do A Boxset


Ancient Mariner
The new Cradle of Filth album Existence is Futile has been announced with the following ltd boxset available to pre-order.

The new album of CRADLE OF FILTH "Existence is futile" will be released as mailorder edition vinyl box incl. silver double LP in a gatefold, DIGIPAK, buttons, flag, lyrics sheet, chain and an alternative cover. Exclusively at NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder and limited to 650 high quality copies!

Price 69.99 EUR

Cheaper than the Senjutsu boxset and packed with more stuff.

Are you listening Maiden?!

(Rant aside, I'm looking forward to this.)

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Ancient Mariner
But also only 650 copies. Sure Maiden could do that but WWIII would break out.

Also, Resitance is COF realizing that if they can't make it with their goth/black here on earth they better try out in space ;)