Out of the Silent Planet
KISS - You Love Me To Hate You

I don't know why this album (Hot In The Shade) is overlooked by the fans - yeah, 15 songs are too many and there are some fillers, but still... it's not that bad album./ Horrible album cover, btw.

Rise To It - classic KISS vibes (from the 80's era) on this song.
Betrayed - not a bad song, but not a good one too.
Hide Your Heart - CLASSIC!
Prisoner Of Love - filler.
Read My Body - I really like this song. Great chorus.
Love's A Slap In The Face - filler.
Forever - CLASSIC!
Silver Spoon - hidden gem!
Cadillac Dreams - fun song.
King Of Hearts - the other hidden gem!
The Street Giveth Away The Street Taketh Away - filler.
You Love Me To Hate You - good song with a good chorus. I'm not sure, but I think in this song they used a drum machine.
Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell - nice chorus.
Little Caesar - nice song. Eric Carr on vocals.
Boomerang - filler.