Out of the Silent Planet
Lots of legendary riffs. It's a crime against humanity that they've never performed One Shot at Glory live.
Yeah. Maybe they will play it during a special tour (like the upcoming 50th Anniversary tour.... if happens).

It's in my Top 10 Priest songs.

Dityn DJ James

A coma stole my name.
Testament - Night of the Witch

Still undecided on how I feel about this song. Chuck Billy's and Gene Hoglan's performances are outstanding, but the song kinda bores me. It's lacking in direction and just feels like an overly long thrash metal song.


If you enjoyed any of Blaze's first 3 solo albums you might like this one...
Steve Wray - Guitar
John Slater - Guitar
Rob Naylor - Bass

and Judas Priest current guitarplayer Andy Sneap produced. :cool: