Out of the Silent Planet
Judas Priest - Thunder Road.... bonus song on POE album, recorded during the RID sessions. What a fucking great song that screams Priest all the way - should have been in an album ! :cool:



I'm keen to hear what it is you love about it as I'm torn on this one. I think i like it for what it is, but don't like what it is.

For one, I think the acoustic rock-electronic-mix works well. It's not at all distracting. On further note, it sounds 2018, post-Avicii. And yet it still sounds 100% Muse. Many a band would simply make a fool of themselves trying to pull that off. It's a song which Jared Leto will have nightmares about. On top of that, it just is a damn good song with a nice set of lyrics. Not trying to sound pretentious, but the robotic effects on the vocals during the chorus contrasted with the very human sounding acoustic guitar fits the theme well.

But I'm just a casual Muse-fan, it that. I listen to Black Holes and Revelations and The Resistance and prefer their softer side to the (wacky) heavier stuff they have.


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Arch Enemy - don't know what the album is, but anything to avoid listening to the shit radio station that next door is listening to on full volume in the garden