Highlights for me:
''I Witness'', the title track, ''Dying For Love'', ''The Hand That Rocks The Cradle'' and maybe Sin. The bonus song ''What's The Use'' too.
Tony Martin era is usually very solid, but I really don't like this album. ''Rusty Angels'', the title track and maybe the closer are not bad. The bonus song ''Loser Gets It All'' too. The remix did a good job (TEI should have been remixed too). I like to see one for NPFTD.

(2024 Remaster)
Top 3 album of the band imo. Not a single bad song.
Picked up Sacred Heart for £12.99 at a record store at the weekend. It’s a very mixed bag album but the title track is as good as any he’s done.
I'm not a fan of only 2 songs from Sacred Heart. The last 2 songs. Very good album.
Interesting album. Appreciated.
Top solos in ''The Sinner Rides Again''! Love them.