Ancient Mariner
Running Wild - Riding the Storm compilation

All the tracks have a quick fade in/fade out, is this supposed to be like this? Very head wrecking


Ancient Mariner
They're only really short, I thought I was imagining them at first.

I can't remember if I actually I own this CD or downloaded it illegally, so I'm wondering if I downloaded a dodgy rip.

I have just checked some tracks off that record and Spotify and I cannot notice any fading in or fading out (i.e., on any songs that did not originally include a fade out).


Out of the Silent Planet
Visions Of Atlantis - Mercy

Best song from their new album (along with ''Master The Hurricane''). This sounds like a classic Nightwish. :yes:



Free Man
I posted this yesterday:) Dhani looks like George. The way they all looked at Prince while performing his amazing solo is priceless. Prince stole the show. Had to watch this again because of you:)

Price was a huge figure in music. Pure genius and amazing guitar player.
Two little stories:

1) When he was young, Miles Davis was talking about him with huge admiration already. Miles was not an easy person to impress, obviously.
2) I saw a video of him about the same period of above, there was a concert and Prince's sole occupation there was... dancing. Yes dancer. No backing vocals, no instruments, just dancer.

And he was amazing dancer. It was then that I though that the guy is so gifted, nearly god.

No but seriously check how he captivates the crowd. How he creates a complete sound casually with just an acoustic guitar.