Next Iron Maiden Album?


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The run-up to the tour would be a little too hectic for making a new album, I would have thought. They need to do rehearsals for the tour itself, the pressure of recording as well in such a short period would be immense.

I do wonder what Steve/British Lion are up to in their months off, however, not to mention Bruce (last seen messing about with planes in Canada two weeks ago). Someone on FB got a 'like' from Roy Z when they asked if new Bruce material was coming out in 2017.

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A new Bruce solo album will definitely help to ease the wait. I'm sure it will most likely come out after the tour and there's a good chance more dates will be added after May so a fall release is a good possibility.

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I don't think there will be a new album four at least three or four years but Bruce will probably have a new album out soon. I hope to hear a Dave Murray solo album or a Janick solo album someday. I'm also hoping that Maiden releases a live album in the meantime. When I was on the IMBB we often joked that Maiden will release a Best of the Bruce Rants album. Better yet, maybe Bruce and Janick can write a ranting song similar to Baywater Ain't a Bad Place to Be and use it as a bonus track on a new live album.