New URL for the Iron Maiden Commentary

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As some of you have probably read in the general chat forum, the Iron Maiden Commentary now has its own URL:

Mav's going to update it, or else there would be no reason to move the site. First, the singles/albums/videos that were released since the last update will be added, so he's got his hands full with those pages.

The new webmaster of Maidenfans has been contacted, with the request to add a redirectpage on the old location. 


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As Lord Flashheart mentioned, there is already a thread for this development. There is no need for two. Thread closed.


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Hey, take a look!  I'm a moderator!  So I can do this: stickying the topic for reference.

btw, unless someone has communication from Maverick, I believe his stance remains the "retired webmaster of the imc".  Maverick believes in protecting his intellectual property, so I can certainly understand why he'd move his property to a new site.
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