My Maiden Top 10 (unusual list I'm sure)

#2 Brave New World
Average 9.00

The Wickerman - 9
Ghost of the Navigator - 10
Brave New World - 10
Blood Brothers - 7
The Mercenary - 8
Dream of Mirrors - 10
The Fallen Angel - 8
The Nomad - 8
Out of the Silent Planet - 10
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate - 10

Kick ass opener, Ghost is likely the most brilliant Janick Gers track IMO, Title track is awesome. Blood Brothers is an ok song musically. Dream of Mirrors was much better live and was a highlight of my first tour seeing Iron Maiden.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate is an odd track but truly brilliant and a great closer to the album
If you count all the points he gave all the songs, there's a lot of points here.

that was my intention on making it different from other threads.... actually making points to the songs which were favored and disliked....


#1 Somewhere in Time
Average 9.75

1. Caught Somewhere in Time - 10
2. Wasted Years - 10
3. Sea of Madness - 10
4. Heaven Can Wait - 9
5. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - 10
6. Stranger in a Strange Land - 9
7. Deja Vu - 10
8. Alexander the Great - 10

CSIT is the best opener I think they've ever had and it was the first song I heard from them. It would be an amazing way to open any tour as it did in 1986. The guitar harmonies on this represent the peak of Maiden!

WY is the classic rocker that never gets old. Adrian nailed this track perfectly.

SOM is one of the heaviest tracks they've composed which is a surprise to find Adrian behind the writing. Steve's bass lines in the mid section are beautiful. Fine work from Mr. Harris.

HCW is the fun song on the album. Nothing brilliant to note from a musical standpoint but is fun to listen too and hear live (when they do it right)

TLOTLDR has a very spiritual feeling for the intro, a true gem. The harmonies on this song are simply brilliant. Guitar work is solid throughout.

SIASL is Adrian's final track on the album and though slower than his other two, a solid track with a brilliant, melodic solo that I felt was better live than on the album due to his random licks that he'd throw in on live performances.

DV is Dave's addition. I have loved all things Dave and this track is my favorite Murray track. Aggressive, heavy, and damn that mid section carries the same power that it did in SOM. The drums, bass and guitars coming together in perfect harmony is just a brilliant highlight of the album.

ATG is the greatest never played track from Maiden. It seems it'd be hard to pull off live now but what a song. The intro followed by the explosive guitars became a signature of Harris' writing after this album. Magnificent guitar solos....

Adrian's finest work is on this album IMO. He faltered zero times on this. Sea of Madness is my favorite track from him. The mid section is beautiful and some of Harris' best bass lines exist on this album too.

The solos, harmonies and mid sections of the songs on this album beat everything IMO.

Harris' bass line in Deja Vu, Sea of Madness, Wasted Years, Stranger in a Strange Land, all excellent!

Highlights : Harris' bass lines, Adrian's songwriting and solos, Nicko's drumming, the artwork, the guitar tone.
Negatives : lack of live play, little attention over the years, underappreciated, no professional live recordings