My List of Bootlegs for Trade



Guns N Roses - "A Night In The Jungle" Documentary
Monsters Of Rock '91 - Moscow,Russia (feat. Pantera, BlackCrowes,Metallica, AC/DC)
"The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Metal Years"
"VH1's Forever Wild with SEBASTIAN_BACH" Show (10 Episodes)
"VH1's SuperGroup" Show (5 Episodes & Post-Show Interviews)
"VH1's Rise & Fall of 80's Metal" Documentary
"VH1's I Married Sebastian_Bach" Show
MTV Rockumentary: MOTLEY_CRUE (1990)
MTV Rockumentary: GUNS_N_ROSES (1989)

Accept - Holland (1980)(mp3)
Accept - Holland (1981)(mp3)
Accept - Lund,Sweden (10-30-83)(mp3)
Accept - BBC Session - Cologne,Germany (1983)(mp3)
Accept - Agora Ballroom - Cleveland,OH (3-27-84)(mp3)

AC/DC - NewYorkCity,NY (8-1-80)(mp3)

Against_Nature - Rehearsal Video (7-3-05)(video)

Alice_In_Chains - VH1 Decades Rock Live feat. Phil Anselmo (3-10-06)(mp3)
Alice_In_Chains - Tsunami Relief Benefit feat. Pat Lachman (2-18-05)(mp3)

Allman Brothers - Lakeside Amphitheater - Darien Center,NY (8-20-94)(mp3)

A_Perfect_Circle - Hershey,PA (4-5-04)(video)
A_Perfect_Circle - Pittsburgh,PA (11-18-03)(video)

Alter_Bridge - Dallas,TX (10-23-04)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - Colonia,Germany (11-25-04)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - Corpus Christi,TX (11-16-04)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - 4 Song Fan ep (Distributed @ a show in Germany)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - Live @ X101.5 FM (Florida)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - Pinkpop Festival - Landgraaf,Netherlands (6-4-06)(mp3)
Alter_Bridge - London,England (9-17-04) 4 Songs (video)
Alter_Bridge - Greenfield Music Fest.-Interlaken,Switzerland (6-26-05)(video)

Audioslave - Milano,Italy (1-24-03)(mp3)

Avenged_Sevenfold - Montreal,CAN (7-21-02)(video)

Black_Label_Society - Acoustic in Allentown,PA (5-12-03)(video)
Black_Label_Society - Acoustic in Boston,MA (5-15-03)(video)
Black_Label_Society - London,UK (5-17-99)(mp3)
Black_Label_Society - Highland,IN (7-6-00)(mp3)
Black_Label_Society - Rock Am Ring (5-19-02)(mp3)
Black_Label_Society - Dudley,UK (5-31-05)(mp3)

Black_Sabbath - Live @ The Fillmore West (11-27-70)(mp3)
Black_Sabbath - Brisbane '74 (11-7-74)(mp3)
Black_Sabbath - Killing Yourself To Die (4-21-77)(mp3)
Black_Sabbath - Ozzy Meets The Priest (1992)(mp3)

Bloodhound_Gang - Pontiac,MI (7-5-00)(video)
Bloodhound_Gang - Bizarre Fest.'97 - Koln,Germany (11-8-97)(video)

BoxCar Racer - Gainesville,FL (10-30-02)(mp3)

Bush - Rock Am Ring '02 Nürburgring,GER (5-17-02)(video)

Butthole_Surfers - Ft.Worth,TX (7-19-02)(mp3)
Butthole_Surfers - Tejass (1996)(mp3)
Butthole_Surfers - Caso Raro! (mp3)

Camp Freddy - Henry Fonda Theater (12-02)(video)

Children Of Bodom - Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal (1-19-06)(video)

Chimaira - Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA (7-1-03)(video)

Clutch - Memphis,TN (mp3)
Clutch - St.Petersburg,FL (mp3)
Clutch - 99.9 KISW - In-Studio Performance/Interview (mp3)
Clutch - 105X FM - In-Studio Performance/Interview (mp3)

Collective_Soul - Niagara Falls - New Year's Eve 2004 (video)

Damageplan - NewJersey (7-30-04)(mp3)

David Allan Coe - Acoustic Jam in Dime's Studio (mp3)

Down (6-26-95)(mp3)
Down - Voodoo Fest '02 (mp3)
Down - House of Blues - Chicago,ILL (5-11-02)(mp3)
Down - New Orleans Music Hall 1992 (mp3)
Down - N.O.L.A. demo's

Dee Dee Ramone - Bielefeld,Germany (5-14-00)(video)
Marky Ramone & Tarakany - Rehearsal in Milan,Italy (1-13-05)(video)

Devildriver - Toronto,CAN (mp3)

Faith_No_More - Santiago,Chile (9-8-95)(video)
Faith_No_More - Sydney,Australia (10-21-97)(video)

Fear Factory - Bizarre Festival, Koln,Germany (8-23-98)(video)

Foo_Fighters - Copenhagen,Denmark (11-5-05)(video)

Godflesh - Dublin,Ireland - Final Show (12-10-01)(mp3)
Jesu - Glasgow,Scotland (8-4-04) (mp3)

Godsmack - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel,NJ (7-26-00)(video)

Guns_N_Roses - Boston,MA (12-2-02)(mp3 & 5videos)
Guns_N_Roses - Chicago,IL (4-9-92)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - Fargo,ND (11-15-02)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Las Vegas,NV (1-1-01)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Leeds Festival 2002 (mp3 & video)
Guns_N_Roses - London (8-26-02)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - NewYork,NY 2002 (mp3 & 3videos)
Guns_N_Roses - Nampa,ID (11-11-02)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Oslo Valle Hovin (10-6-93)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - Rock In Rio II (1-20-91)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - Rock In Rio III (1-14-01)(mp3 & 2videos)
Guns_N_Roses - Rock In Rio 2006-Lisbon,Portugal(5-27-06)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - Tacoma,WA (11-8-02)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Hollywood,CA (1-18-86)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - The Ritz-NewYork,NY (2-2-88)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - Ultimate Bootleg Live Era '87-'93 (mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - CBGB's (10-17-87)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - @ Hammerstein NYC,NY (5-14&15-06)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Hammersmith Apollo - London,ENG (6-7-06)(mp3)
Guns_N_Roses - Download Fest.'06 (6-11-06) {2 Song Pro-Shot dvd}(video)
Guns_N_Roses - "A Night In The Jungle" Documentary (video)
Guns_N_Roses - MTV Rockumentary (1989)(video)
Guns_N_Roses - LIES demo's (mp3)

Green_Day - Chicago,IL (11-10-94)(video)

Hank Williams III - Huntington,WV (5-29-04)(mp3)

Hatebreed - Washington,DC (2002)(video)

Hatesphere - Spot 11 in Aarhus (video)

Immortal - Live In Cologne (7 Songs)(video)

In Flames -  Rock am Ring - Eifel, Germany (03.06.06)

Iron Maiden - The Eternal Flame - Gothenburg,SWE (11-1-95)(mp3)
Iron Maiden - Edinburgh,Scotland (1978)(mp3)
Iron Maiden - Santiago,Chile (2004)(2Disc-FLAC)

Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds - Pills 1992 (mp3)
Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds - Osaka,Japan (4-19-00)(mp3)
Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds - Tokyo,Japan (4-15-00)(mp3)
Izzy Stradlin - Take A Look At The Guy Album (Live)

Joe Stump - Live In Harderwijk,NL (10-22-04)(mp3)

Korn - Portugal (8-13-02)(video)
Korn - San Diego,CA (7-14-99)(video)
Korn - Rome,Italy (4-9-05)(video)
Korn - Bakersfield,CA (2-24-06)(video)
Korn - WRIF Detroit In-Studio (mp3)

Kreator - Leeds Festival (1987)(mp3)

L7 - Florence,Italy (7-1992)(video)

Led_Zeppelin - State Fair Ground in West Allis,WI (7-25-69)

Life Of Agony - WRIF Detroit In-Studio (mp3)

Liz_Phair - Philadelphia,PA (10-16-05)(mp3)
Liz_Phair Podcasts (so far theres 5)

Machine_Head - Osaka,Japan (3-26-00)(mp3)

Mayhem - Lillehammer,Norway (1986)(mp3)
Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (Rare cd)

Metallica - Austin,TX (2-3-89)(mp3)
Metallica - Cape Girardeau,MO (5-24-86)(mp3)
Metallica - Cleveland,OH (12-18-83)(mp3)
Metallica - Cuyahoga Falls,OH (7-8-98)(mp3)
Metallica - Donington,UK (8-17-85)(mp3)
Metallica - E.Rutherford,NJ (7-18-92)(mp3)
Metallica - Gothenburg,Sweden (2-13-87)(mp3)
Metallica - Hammerstein (mp3)
Metallica - Middletown,NY (6-17-94)(mp3)
Metallica - Nurnberg,Germany (5-21-99)(mp3)
Metallica - SanFrancisco,CA (11-15-05)(mp3)
Metallica - Birmingham,UK (10-6-96)(mp3)
Metallica - Rock Am Ring '06 (video & mp3)
Kerrang Magazine's "Remaster Of Puppets" CD

Monsters Of Rock - Moscow,Russia 1991 (video - 1hr15min feat.Pantera,BlackCrowes,Metallica,AC/DC)

Misfits - Ann Arbor,MI (4-23-83)(audio)
Misfits - Dearborn,MI (1-7-83)(audio)
Misfits - LosAngeles, CA (4-17-82)(audio)
Misfits - Passaic,NJ (12-25-81)(audio)
Misfits - SantaMonica,CA (6-11-83)(audio)
Misfits - Washington,DC (2-28-82)(audio)

Motley Crue - Partial LIVE8 Performance (video)

Mr.Bungle - Berkeley,CA (1-13-91)(mp3)
Mr.Bungle - Chicago,IL (3-26-92)(mp3)

Mudvayne - House Of Blues- Chicago,IL (9-6-00)(video)

Nasum - Belgium (12-10-00)(mp3)
Nasum - Germany (11-11-04)(video)
Nasum - Germany (11-25-00)(mp3)
Nasum - Holland (12-8-00)(mp3)
Nasum - Japan (1-9-04)(mp3)
Nasum - Japan (10-9-01)(video)

Nirvana - Home Demos (6 songs)(mp3)
Nirvana - Kurt Cobain AudioBook (mp3)
Nirvana - "The Off Ramp Cafe" - Seattle,WA (11-25-90)(mp3)
Nirvana - "Seattle'88" - Seattle,WA (12-28-88)(mp3)
Nirvana - "Bleach Out! Break Out!" - Chicago,IL (7-7-89)(mp3)
Nirvana - "I Hate Myself And Want To Die" - NYC,NY (7-23-93)(mp3)
Nirvana - "Out Of The Blue" - Vienna,Austria (11-22-89)(mp3)

Nofx - Bizarre Fest., Koln,Germany (8-17-96)(video)

Operation_Ivy - "69 Newport"
Operation_Ivy - "East Bay ep"
Operation_Ivy - "Lint: The King Of Ska"
Operation_Ivy - "Lint Rides Again"
Operation_Ivy - "Live @ Gilman"
Operation_Ivy - "Live @ Gilman (Full Tracks)"
Operation_Ivy - "Uncut Gilman Demos"
Operation_Ivy - "Unreleased Energy"
Operation_Ivy - "Plea For Peace"
Operation_Ivy - "Radio Daze"
Operation_Ivy - "Ramones ep"
Operation_Ivy - "Seedy"
Operation_Ivy - "Sound System"
Operation_Ivy - "Smell Rancid"
Downfall - "Live At Gilman" (10-29-89)(mp3)
Rancid - Bizarre Fest. Koln,Germany (8-23-98)(video)

Opeth - Rock Am Ring '06 (video)

Ozzy_Osbourne - Princes' Trust 30th Anniv. (5-20-06)(video)

Pantera - Hellbound Bootleg (video-dvd)
Pantera - (2-7-88)(mp3)
Pantera - (12-31-86)(mp3)
Pantera - Canada 1993 (mp3)
Pantera - Dimebag & Kerry rehearsal & show (mp3)
Pantera - Holland 1998 (mp3)
Pantera - Italy 1994 (mp3)
Pantera - Japan 2001 (mp3)
Pantera - London,England (12-9-94)(video)
Pantera - Ozzfest 2000 (video)
Pantera - Philadelphia,PA (2-18-99)(video)
Pantera - Russia 1991 (mp3)
Pantera - South Korea 2001 (mp3)
Pantera - Texas 1988 (mp3)
Pantera Cowboys From Hell demo's
Pantera early album: "I Am The Night"
Pantera early album: "Metal Magic"
Pantera - European tribute album "This Love: A Tribute To PANTERA"

Pearl_Jam - Pinkpop Fest, Landgraaf,Netherlands (6-8-92)(video)
Pearl_Jam - TB2006 Leg One (us rarities)
Pearl_Jam - TB2005 (canada)
Pearl_Jam - Santa Barbara,CA (10-28-03)(mp3)
Pearl_Jam - Mountain View,CA (10-25&26-03)(mp3)
Pearl_Jam - Portland,OR (5-17-92)(mp3)
Eddie Vedder & John Doe - Seattle,WA (1-5-05)(mp3)

Pennywise - Hollywood Reverb in California (2001)(video)

Pink_Floyd - Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (5-9-69)(mp3)
Pink_Floyd - One Of Those Days (9-30-71)(mp3)
Pink_Floyd - British Winter Tour '74 (11-19-74)(mp3)
Pink_Floyd - "Interstellar Encore" Disc2 (Need Disc1) (4-29-70)(mp3)

Poison_The_Well - (2001)(video)

Pride & Glory - Italy (7-7-94)(video & mp3)

Primus - Cleveland,OH (11-6-99)(mp3)
Primus - Toulouse,France (5-25-98)(mp3)

Queens Of The Stone Age - Pinkpop Fest. in Holland (9-6-03) (video)
Queens Of The Stone Age - MTV Unplugged 2005 (video)

Quiet_Riot w/Randy_Rhoads @ The Whiskey (9-22-79)(mp3)

Rage_Against_The_Machine - Dusseldorf,Germany (2-4-00)(video)
Rage_Against_The_Machine - Yamanashi,Japan (7-26-97)(video)
Rage_Against_The_Machine - Woodstock '99 (7-26-99)(video)

Revelation - Frederick,MD (1-18-93)(mp3)
Revelation - Baltimore,MD (4-23-88)(mp3)
Revelaton on "TV John Show" (1992)(video)

Sepultura - Rock In Rio, Lisbon,Portugal (4-6-04)(video)
Sepultura - Live on Brazilian TV Show
Soulfly - Buenos Aires,Argentina (12-12-98)(video)

Sevendust - St.Paul,MN (11-18-03)(video)

Skid Row - Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989)(video)
Skid Row - Kawasaki, Japan (1989)(video)

Slash's Bluesball - Amsterdam,Holland (11-16-97)(mp3)
Slash's Bluesball - Budapest,Hungary (8-14-96)(mp3)
Slash's Snakepit - Paris,France (6-29-95)(mp3)
Slash's Snakepit - Stockholm,Sweden (12-9-00)(mp3)
Slash's Snakepit - Buffalo,NY (2001)(video)

Slayer - Rock Am Ring - Nurnberg,Germany (6-4-05)(video)

Slipknot - Download Fest. - Donington,UK (6-12-05)(video)
Slipknot - Rock In Rio '04 - Lisbon,Portugal (6-4-04)(video)
Slipknot - Download Fest. - Glasgow,Scotland (6-2-04)(mp3)

Snot - Riverside,CA (9-12-98)(video)

Stone_Sour - @ Club Soda in Montreal,Canada (7-12-02)(video)

Sum 41 - Vancouver,Canada (1-29-05)(video)

Superjoint_Ritual - 1995 Demo
Superjoint_Ritual - 1997 Demo

System_Of_A_Down - Milan,Italy (5-30-05)(video)
System_Of_A_Down - London,UK (4-4-05)(video)
System_Of_A_Down - Rock Am Ring, Germany (2002)(video)
System_Of_A_Down - Hordon Pavillion (2005-mp3)

Tenacious_D - Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles - CALIFORNIA (24.10.2001)(video)

The_Cure - Bizarre Fest., Koln,Germany (8-22-98)(video)

The Decline Of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years

The_Panic_Channel - DC101 In-Studio (5-24-06)(mp3)
The_Panic_Channel Podcasts (7 of them so far)

Therapy? - Bizarre Fest.- Koln,Germany (8-23-98)(video)

Thin Lizzy - 1983 Reading Festival (8-28-83)(mp3)

Tool - San Bernadino,CA (3-3-95)(video)
Tool - Philadelphia,PA (5-2-92)(video)
Tool - Glasshouse Arena - Ponoma,CA (10-16-96)(video)
Tool - Club Babyhead - Providence, RI - USA (05.01.1992)(video)

Trivium - Melkweg,Amsterdam (6-9-05)(video)
Trivium - London,UK (2005)(video)

Velvet_Revolver - Toronto,Canada (5-21-04)(mp3)
Velvet_Revolver - KROQ Acoustic In-Studio (4-30-04)(mp3)
Velvet_Revolver - Los Angeles,CA (6-19-03)(video)
Velvet_Revolver Forum Interview (video)
Velvet_Revolver Performances from TonightShow, LateNight & Kimmel Live (video)

White_Stripes - Toronto,Canada (11-14-03)(video)

Zakk_Wylde - Acoustic In-Store (1996)(video)
Zakk_Wylde - Live & Acoustic (2005)(mp3)
Zakk_Wylde - Acoustic Cowboy (1998)(mp3)
Zakk_Wylde - Chicago,IL (1-1-96)(mp3)
Zakk_Wylde - Becker Benefit (1996)(mp3)
Zakk_Wylde's Audition Tape For Ozzy Osbourne (mp3)
I also have a 5minute video of Zakk performing in his pre-Ozzy band called "ZYRIS" in 1986.(video)

***List does not include official albums, dvd releases or promo videos & interviews ... of which I have many.  Email me @ if you're interested in trading or if you want to see my list of albums & dvd's.  Also some of the bootlegs in my list that are labeled "mp3" are actually "flac".  Just ask if you wanna know about a certain one.***


Ancient Mariner
jmcatrow said:
Iron Maiden - Edinburgh,Scotland (1978)(mp3)

Never heard of it, neither is this bootleg in the lists of Maverick or others here (if I am not mistaken).
What's the date, venue and tracklist? Thanks in advance ! :)


Ancient Mariner
Forostar said:
Never heard of it, neither is this bootleg in the lists of Maverick or others here (if I am not mistaken).
What's the date, venue and tracklist? Thanks in advance ! :)

*Tempting to get an answer from jmcatrow*:

I guess this bootleg doesn't exist.

Ryan Kester

Does anyone else have any of the VH1's Forever Wild episodes with Sebastian Bach hosting?
I've seriously been looking for these for years, and nobody seems to have them anymore (on DVD-R or VHS).
I'm looking to trade for them.
I have Iron Maiden on Pepsi Power Hour if anyone needs that.