Mother of Mercy

How good is Mother of Mercy on a scale of 1-10?

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Having listened to this song today, I have to say that it has one of the most impactful Maiden intros (with vocals) for me. Adrian (or Steve) has come up with a great melody for it (guitar licks during the whole song too, as always) and I don't think that it's too long for a 5 minute song anymore. The drums accompany it so great.

This has to be one of Maiden's heaviest riffs. Heavy gallop is always great.

Only one solo from the co-writer of the song was something normal during that era (2000-2010), but I wonder why they didn't include a triple-lead guitar harmony - maybe because of the long intro.

The song has a big AMOLAD vibe.
Bruce should have done a few more takes on the chorus (it should be higher to make a contrast of verses and chorus and because of the theme imo), but I think this difficult song would have been a force of nature live if they played it in 2011.