Most Underrated Maiden Song

Which Iron Maiden song do you think is most under looked?

  • Still Life

    Votes: 14 32.6%
  • another song

    Votes: 29 67.4%

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Out of the Silent Planet
I think somehow Shadows Of The Valley is very underrated. It is my favorite song from TBOS album - a melodic ''mystic'' song with great solos and chorus. It fit perfectly on the album !


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Prodigal Son
Strange World
Children of the Damned
Still Life
Flash of the Blade
Wasted Love
No Prayer For the Dying
The Assassin
The Aftermath
Judgement of Heaven
2 AM
The Unbeliever
Face in the Sand
No More Lies
The Age of Innocence
Deja Vu
The Clairvoyant
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Isle of Avalon
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Dream of Mirrors
To Tame a Land
Back in the Village


Ancient Marinade

edit cuz I thought of more:

Mother Russia
The Prophecy
Losfer Words
Face in the Sand
Strange World
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Found in a lost world
I'd like to add The Man Of Sorrows too.
Don't think it's among anyones favorites of The Book Souls.
That intro! Bruce vocals in the verses! The solo's! Yes, this turned out to be one of my favorite songs of The Book Of Souls.


Ancient Mariner
I sort of agree with the above about the vocal performance being... in some ways, on the weaker side. It has a lot of soul in it and I do like the overall mood of the song, but it's a bit too demo-ish, unpolished and disjointed, even when compared to some of the other stuff on that record suffering from the very same thing.

Musically, it's nice and I quite like it, but the melancholic atmosphere just screams for slightly more intense performance and overall deeper and heavier sound.

Bruce is, in my opinion, usually on the top of his game when singing that kind of stuff and this particular song has some makings of a very grand level of performance, but for reason or another his performance here doesn't quite strike me as much as in the mentioned bunch - for example.

Anyway, I do find the song a bit underrated though, as it's definitely musically very interesting one and gives relatively good deal of variety for the record overall. It's just one of those songs that suffer from their writing-recording-ok done! approach a bit more than some others songs.


Ancient Marinade
On Man of Sorrows, Bruce's performance reminds me of his work on Man Who Would Be King: kind of a perfunctory mid range performance with no real flexing of his range or any vocal acrobatics, and as such it comes across as a touch stale, imo.


Out of the Silent Planet
Out Of The Silent Planet and No Prayer For The Dying

and to add more: Face In The Sand, Childhood's End, Deja-Vu, JBMG...


Ancient Mariner
Songs that were very worthy of being played live but weren't and thus are underrated to me

Alexander the Great
Only the Good Die Young
Mother Russia (sounds very similar to Seventh Son though)