Metal Essentials I: Grandfathers of Metal (1970 - 1975) - FINAL ROUND - Zeppelin vs Sabbath

vote for your FAVORITE song in each pair

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Ancient Mariner
War Pigs
Battle of Evermore
Electric Funeral
Hand of Doom
Fairies Wear Boots

tough choices, the only easy one was Stairway, even the worst songs on the albums Misty Mountain Hop and Electric Funeral were paired together making it a tough choice.


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Barbed Wire Hen
Maybe it's not the best, but it's a good song, surely not the worst

For me, Paranoid is nothing really special, very simplistic, not really developed and kinda rushed

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Decided to split Rat Salad off and have it vs four sticks.
[10] War Pigs V Black Dog [8]
[10] Paranoid V Rock and Roll [8.5]
[6.5] Planet Caravan V Battle Of Evermore [8.5]
[9] Iron Man V Stairway to Heaven [10]
[8.5] Electric Funeral V Misty Mountain Hop [9]
[9] Hand of Doom V Going To California [8.5]
[6] Rat Salad V Four Sticks [6.5]
[9.5] Fairy's Wear Boots V When The Levee Breaks [10]

Overall With the songs included in this game Zep wins in a 4-3 victory​


Ancient Mariner
Thanks for hosting but I do not understand why you did not put Rising in the game. The strongest Rainbow album and a serious candidate for the win!