Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I mean...that's like saying you're the best in business at cleaning up dead bodies. Yeah, you're fucking great at it, but your fans have something wrong with them.
Speaking as someone who has practiced harsh vocals and never 100% succeeded at them, Randy Blythe is a legitimately talented vocalist. He’s not exactly my thing, nor is Lamb Of God really my cup of tea, but their fans have nothing wrong with them. I just prefer other bands when it comes to that type of stuff.


Ancient Mariner
My Answers:

1- Peace Sells
2- Never Dead
3- Hangar 18
5- She Wolf
6- These Boots
7- Devil's Island
8- Washington Is Next
9- 13
10- Hook In Mouth
11- Dance In The Rain
12- Time The Beginning
13- Time The End
14- Family Tree
15- Burning Bridges
16- The Scorpion
17- In My Darkest Hour
18- 99 Ways To Die
19- Tornado Of Souls
20- Guns Drugs And Money
21- 5 Magics
22- Killing Road
23- Blackmail The Universe
24- 1000 Times Goodbye
25- Of Mice And Men
26- Head Crusher
27- Insomnia
28- Black Swan
29- Post American World
30- Holy Wars
31- Looking Down The Cross
32- I Know Jack (?)
33- Crown Of Worms
34- Kingmaker
35- The Doctor Is Calling
36- Sleepwalker
37- Bullet To The Brain
38- Kill The King
39- Burn
40- Mechanix
41- Loved To Death
42- Set The World Afire
43- Symphony Of Destruction
44- Sweating Bullets
45- Use the Man or Desintegrators (?)
46- Ashes In Your Mouth
47- Victory
48- The World Needs A Hero (?)
49- 44 Minutes
50- The Right To Go Insane
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Sounds quite interesting.


They should stick with 11. An 18-song Megadeth album will never be “up there with Rust in Peace or Countdown to Extinction.”